Alexia All Natural Foods- Garlic Baguette Review

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     Have you heard about the company, Alexia yet? Alexia is a food company that is new to me and I'm so glad that I have found Alexia! Alexia was founded in 2002 and produces a full line of 100% all-natural with 0 grams of trans fat. Alexia offers all-natural foods with real ingredients at the grocery store in the freezer section that are ready for your microwave or oven. Alexia puts quality and taste first! Some of the delicious products they offer includes:
  • Easy Appetizers
  • Artisan Breads
  • Potatoes
  • Oven Baked French Fries
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Potato and Vegetable Sides
      I found my favorites from Alexia that I have added to my "to try soon" list! The products on my list include: Onion Rings, Mozzarella Stix, Yukon Gold Fries, Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato Fries, Sweet Potato Puffs, Harvest Saute, and Whole Grain Rolls! Alexia offers delicious favorites that can be prepared in under 20 minutes.

      I had the great opportunity to try out the Garlic Baguette Twin Pack from Alexia! Let me tell you about the Garlic Baguette first, before I go into detail about how much I loved them!


PACKAGE SIZE: 6oz and 12oz 

"Made in the traditional style with crispy French bread and our own special blend of real butter, robust garlic and spices. This delicious side is worthy as a complement to any entrée or as an hors d'oeuvre at your next meal.

    I'm a big time garlic bread fan so I couldn't wait to try out the Garlic Baguette. We had spaghetti for dinner one night and the Garlic Baguette went perfect with spaghetti!

     The Garlic Baguette is very simple to bake. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Bake for 16-18 minutes. (I chose to bake the Garlic Baguette for 16 minutes.) Serve fresh from the oven for a delicious crispy garlic bread! The picture above shows how the garlic bread looked right out of the package.

      I started baking the bread when I started boiling water for my spaghetti noodles. This was a perfect timing to have both the noodles and bread done at the same time. A tip from me would be to have your oven preheated already before you start boiling the noodles.

      The picture above shows the Garlic Baguette, fresh out of the oven, ready to be eaten up!

      I love that the Garlic Baguette comes already sliced up and seasoned, making it easy to serve!

      The Garlic Baguette tastes perfect with the right amount of butter, garlic, and seasonings. The garlic is not over-powering to the taste!  We received the twin pack that included 2 loaves of Garlic Baguette. The Garlic Baguette was gone in no time because it was so delicious! The Garlic Baguette comes frozen, but tastes fresh like it has never been frozen before! I was very impressed with how fresh it tasted with it being frozen. Everyone had seconds because it was very tasty! It would be extremely hard for me to resist not to have seconds!

     This bread does have a crispy crust. I enjoyed the crispy crust because it was delicious. I'm usually not a fan of crispy garlic bread, but the Garlic Baguette is made to taste perfect with the crispy crust. The inside of the Baguette is soft and warm with the outside being perfectly, crunchy and flaky!

     My family loved the Garlic Baguette from Alexia and I would definitely purchase the Garlic Baguette again! The Garlic Baguette is recommended by us!

    Alexia has many great reviews of the Garlic Baguette on their website! Visit Alexia to see what everyone is saying about the Garlic Baguette!

   Alexia has created an easy store locator so everyone can see where to purchase the Alexia products nearest to them! Visit the store locator today to see where you can buy these great products!

    Alexia products can be found at natural, gourmet, club, grocery, and mass retail stores!

     Stay updated on the latest news and deals by liking Alexia on Facebook.


I received a review product in order to write a honest review. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thank to Alexia for letting me review their great product.  

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