Friday Photo Flashback

11:54 PM

It's Friday Photo Flashback at More Than Words! Go visit Alicia to learn more about this event that happens every Friday! Come share a flashback photo with us!



     I haven't been able to join in on Friday Photo Flashback for a couple of weeks so I'm happy to be able to join in again today!

     I am so thankful for my cat, Rocky so I decided to share a different kind of picture this week! Instead of sharing a picture of me or my family I wanted to share a picture of my pet!

     This picture is of Rocky. This is a picture that was taken around the first year I received Rocky as a Christmas gift. He was the only pet we had at that time. He was and still is always by my side. When he was smaller he would ALWAYS lay next to the computer while I was on it. It was always so fun to have him by my side. Now that he is bigger he is usually on my lap when I'm on the computer! That is where he is now....laying peacefully on my lap.


     Thanks for stopping by! Have a fabulous Friday!

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