Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Savvy Rest - The Savvy Kitty Organic Latex Cat Bed Review

     I'm happy to tell you about a wonderful company today that helps keep their customers comfortable while sleeping with a natural mattress. Savvy Rest is a growing natural mattress company. Savvy Rest organic mattresses are made in central Virginia and are available through national independently owned stores. 

     Savvy Rest commits to their customers with purity by providing products that are natural, non toxic, certified, and independently tested. Savvy Rest also commits with offering their customers products that provides comfort. Every Savvy Rest mattress is customized for each individual customer.  Savvy Rest also commits with integrity by treating their customers with honesty and respect.  Lastly, Savvy Rest commits by offering products that have great value. The Savvy Rest will long outlast a conventional mattress.

     Savvy Rest not only sells mattresses, but they also offer other products that include: organic pet beds, organic pillows, organic toppers, organic crib mattress, organic bedding, foundations, platform beds, and adjustable beds. 

     I had the great opportunity to review The Savvy Kitty which is best known as a thick flat latex cat bed that is super comfortable. Any cat would love to lay on the Savvy Kitty for hours and hours in a day!


- Solid Latex Core

- Inner lining: 5-ounce organic cotton canvas

-  Zippered outer cover: 8 oz. organic cotton flannel

- Machine wash casing, gentle cycle. Line or air dry

- Colors: Natural or Black

- Size 15" x 20" 

     I was excited when the Savvy Kitty arrived in the mail because I wanted to see it and touch it in person to see what the cat bed was all about! I was very happy with the shipping that was provided to me by Savvy Rest! Their shipping and communication is fast and spectacular. E-mails are also sent to confirm shipping!

     Rocky is my spoiled cat that I have had for 7 years now. He has never liked any cat beds. He honestly does not have a cat bed that he uses and he just lays on the floor or anywhere other than a cat bed. I'm not quite sure why he has never been a fan of cat beds before. This is why I was excited to see if Rocky would love the Savvy Kitty. Rocky definitely does LOVE the Savvy Kitty and it's the newest place where I'll find Rocky laying several times in a day. Rocky not only loves to rest on his Savvy Kitty latex bed, but he also loves to sit on the Savvy Kitty to clean himself, and loves to roll around playing on the bed. I think he finds the bed super comfortable so he loves to sit on the bed to clean himself. I bet it surely beats sitting on the plain hard floor by a long shot!

     The flannel lining to the bed is extremely comfortable and is something I would love to lay on myself if it was big enough. The lining comes with a zipper. The lining is easy to take off of the bed to wash. I wanted to see what the lining would do if I were to wash it. I washed it on a gentle cycle and hang dried it trying to not have it shrink to much. The lining came out clean and I did notice that there was some small shrinkage to it, but the lining did still fit around the bed after being washed. I do recommend washing it extra careful though.

     I also have two other cats that have laid on the Savvy Kitty when Rocky wasn't using it. They really enjoy the bed too. My 3 cats all love to take turns to lay on the Savvy Kitty bed throughout the day every day.

     We have been reviewing the Savvy Kitty for weeks now and my cats are still enjoying the Savvy Kitty bed. I'm a big fan of the Savvy Kitty because I can tell that my cats really LOVE the Savvy Kitty.

     I can't tell you how happy I am that I found a cat bed that Rocky now thoroughly enjoys! I'm very happy! I bet he is happy too that he has a bed that is comfortable and that he loves!

     This is a cat bed that I would recommend to others. I love the fact that I know that my cats are sleeping on a comfortable latex bed that is made to help support their body in a comfortable way. I am also contemplating on purchasing the Savvy Doggy when money is available, which is for dogs, because I think my dog would love to be spoiled too!

We definitely recommend the Savvy Kitty to you!


      Visit Savvy Rest today to see all the great products they have to offer! Make sure you also like Savvy Rest on Facebook to stay updated on all of the latest deals and news!

      Cats would definitely love the Savvy Kitty this upcoming holiday season!


You can purchase the Savvy Kitty by visiting SavvyRest.com. The Savvy Kitty retails for $84.

*** I received a review product for free of charge in order to write a honest review, but has not otherwise influenced my review or opinion. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thank to Savvy Rest  for letting me review their fabulous Savvy Kitty. ***



Kitty said...

One of our cats is ill all the time because she has FIV. She was a rescue left behind when someone moved out of a foreclosed house. She was very, very thin and it looked like she might not make it but she is at a good weight now. Her only problem is the infections from FIV. This week she has an eye problem. This would be a good bed for her and I will consider purchasing it. Thanks for the review.

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Mandy Kauffman said...

I have three kitties who would all absolutely love this!! Maybe it would stop them from hogging all of my warm winter blankets on the back of the couch. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

amyorvin said...

I have 5 indoor only cats, and they would be all over this!


sueparks2003 said...

Garfield, our stray turned our precious cat would love this bed! He goes through the house trying to find something that is nice an soft but all his! I would really enjoy the organic mattress for myself, a wonderful night sleep with no allergies, Wow!
Gladys P

Kathy Detweiler said...

I think both my furbabies would like this bed. It looks so soft and comfy, right up their alley :)

♡♥♬ Raven In A Blue Room ♬♥♡ said...

I loved the video and your kitty would be the perfect cast if Savvy Rest would look for a spokes cat

Holly said...

My cat doesn't like cat beds or toys so I would love to find out if she would love this. I wonder if the cat bed is like the other products on the site that retain heat? Just wondering because my cats favorite places are in the dryer (if I turn for a second she is in there!),by the windows, and under the vents. It would be great to find a bed for her that could be just hers (and doesnt require constant cleaning of pet hair from my couch!).

Rubyfizzle said...

Awww Rocky is too cute. My cat Kitty (original, I know) loves laying on *my* bed so I bet she would love the Savvy Rest bed. She's had a couple of flimsy beds and used them for awhile, but lost interest. Now they hold her cat toys. :)

polly said...

rocky looks pretty content! thanks for the information!

tinagirl said...

Your cats are so beautiful! My cats, Percy, Olivia & Zoe, would enjoy a Savvy Rest bed too. Thanks for reviewing this!!

angie lilly said...

This bed would be WONDERFUL for my oldest fur baby. She is turning 18 next month and has arthritis!