Holiday Gift Guide- Fitworks Utah - Amazing Deal $50 Holiday 1 Hr. Massage + Gift Box Special in South Jordan, Utah!

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     I'm happy to tell you about Fitworks Corrective Therapy today that is located in South Jordan, Utah. Fitworks Corrective Therapy is a company that specializes in healing pains that are in the body, all done naturally. Whether a person has neck pain, headaches, shoulder pains, back pains, hip pains, or countless other pains, Fitworks is the place to go to get pampered and to focus on healing yourself from these ongoing pains that can linger for years! Fitworks Corrective Therapy is the place you should go for a second opinion before a surgery. Gary, the founder, is usually, more than likely able to help fix the problem that is causing the pain before having back surgery or knee surgery.

(from his website)

"Gary Rumel is the founder of Fitworks LLC. He specializes in correcting Musculoskeletal imbalances. As a physiologist in 2000, Gary pioneered the method to correct Scoliosis, Lordosis, and Kyphosis naturally. He has taken 47 people off the waiting list that were scheduled for surgery. He has also developed "The Decompression Band" that helps to relieve bulging or herniated disc discomfort in the spine. By building and stretching specific muscle groups, the joints line up gradually for perfect posture and function. A balanced body over time...all done naturally!"


Gary is offering a great deal during this holiday season. He's offering an 1-hour massage for the amazing price of only $50. This offer will last throughout the holiday season! A $75 value for only $50.

Give a beautiful ready to give gift box to the person you love this holiday season! You will receive a beautiful ready to give gift box with ribbon around it when you purchase a 1-hr. massage.

     This is a great gift idea this holiday season for many wonderful people in our lives! This 1-hour massage would be great for:

1- The hard working men out there that provide for the family.
2. The full-time mommies that need a break and "me time".
3. The mother in your life that has raised you to be the person you are today
4. The amazing wife who deserves to be pampered
5. A grandmother who could use a massage to help her aches
6. A grandfather that could use a massage for his aches too
7. Parents who could use a relaxing massage
8. A Best friend who has been there for you
9. Anyone who has tight muscles that could use a massage to loosen up

     I definitely recommend Gary to you! I have been having Gary work with me to take away my pains and heal me for several months now. I have dealt with pain for 8 years due to a roll over car accident that I was in. Gary has helped me take away pains that I honestly thought I would have the rest of my life. When no one else was able to help take my pains away, Gary has been a blessing to me, because he helped take away pains and give me my life back. Gary has been amazing by helping many of my pains go away all by doing simple exercises in his office/workout room. Gary also does wonderful relaxing massages and focuses on the areas that need extra attention! I recommend Gary's massages. He listens to your needs and wants in a massage, does the right massage pressure to your liking, and focuses on properly covering clients at all times.

     I definitely recommend Fitworks Corrective Therapy, Gary Rumel, and the 1 Hr. Massage Deal to you!


    To purchase a 1-Hr. Massage + gift box for a holiday gift or stocking stuffer, simply reach Gary by phone for more details! Tell him "Natalie sent you" and he'll take care of you!


922 W. Baxter Dr. Suite 110
South Jordan, UT  84095

 Gary also offers package deals to balance the body muscles to customers who do not live locally. If you have pains, Gary can help you from afar with his program. Give him a call for details!

Disclosure: I did not receive a review product for this post. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. I'm passing a long valuable information and a wonderful holiday deal on a massage. I have and continue to receive exceptional service from Gary Rumel, who has gone over and beyond helping me, so in exchange for the excellent service I have been provided with, I am posting this holiday deal.


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