PetAg Natural Rawhide Brand Beef Hide Chews For Dogs Review

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     I'm happy to introduce PetAg to you today.  PetAg, Inc. is a company that has produced numerous award-wining treats, chews and supplements to enrich and prolong the lives of pets. PetAg is headquartered out of Hampshire, Illinois and has been a leading manufacturer of high quality pet nutrition and health conscious products for over 80 years. PetAg Inc. is the leading producer of weight management and senior pet products, which is the fastest growing categories in the pet industry.  PetAg is also the highly respected maker of pet supplements that are used by pet owners, and veterinarians. PetAg offers products for cats, dogs, birds, exotics, equine, and small animals.

     PetAg has recently come out with an all-new product for dogs, that dogs are sure to love. PetAg now offers Rawhide Brand Essence line of all natural beef hide chews that are marinated in flavors that dogs absolutely love. Some of the flavors include: prime rib, hot dogs, rootbeer, and vanilla zests. 

(from the press release)

" The Rawhide Brand Essence line of chews are made with 100 percent grass-fed, free-range Brazilian beef hides and are marinated in the USA with all-natural aromatic flavor essences that won’t transfer color to carpets, upholstery or other favorite chewing environments.  Rawhide Brand Essence chews are chemical and preservative free and are the first product of its kind to code packaging with the date of production that identifies the ranch of origin. The products’ patented Safety-Knot® design also is ideal for aggressive chewers, as it slows down the chewing process so the chew lasts longer. To ensure pet parents importantly select the right size chew for their dog, the Rawhide Brand Essence line is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including knots, braids, rolls and chips from 4”- 10” in size.  Suggested retail prices range from: $3.99 to $16.99  "

     PetAg was gracious enough to send Lucky two natural raw hides to chew on! Lucky loves treats like these where he can chew on them when he is bored or to chew on them just because he loves how they taste! Lucky was super excited when I pulled out the Raw hides for him to chew.

     Lucky received the Hot Dog Safety Knot Bone and the Rootbeer Braided Ring to review. The raw hides were somewhat big for Lucky's mouth so he had a hard time chewing them. He had an easier time chewing the Braided Ring in Rootbeer flavor. Lucky would put his paw on the ring to hold the ring in place, while he chewed on the ring. I believe if a bigger dog received these raw hides they would be perfect for their mouths! Lucky has not given up on the raw hides even though they are a little hard for him to chew on because they are big. He still loves to chew on them. Lucky enjoyed both flavors equally. I could tell that he would smell the rawhides and was fascinated that they were a new flavor that he had never smelled before.

     I am loving these raw hides (and Lucky too) because they are lasting a long time. It's nice to have a raw hide that a dog can chew on that lasts longer than a day or two. These raw hides get a great rating from me for them lasting a long time! Lucky has had them for quite awhile now.  PetAg offers these great raw hides that will also help save money instead having to buy raw hide after raw hide.

Visit PetAg today to see all the great healthy animal products they have to offer!
For more information and to stay updated with the latest deals, like PetAg on Facebook and follow PetAg on Twitter. Follow PetAg's Blog for tips and information about picking the right chews for your furry coated friends! 

I received a review product in order to write a honest review. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thank to PetAg for letting me review their great product. 

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