Prevagen For Thinking Clearer, Healthier Brain, & Sharper Mind Brain Health Supplement Review + Giveaway

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    I'm happy to tell you about Prevagen today! Prevagen is a capsule pill that can be taken daily to help with memory loss and thinking clearer to help with a healthier brain and sharper mind! 

     " Prevagen has been shown to improve memory and protect the brain by keeping brain cells alive longer. The brain functions better when brain cells are protected and healthy, but  keeping brain cells healthy does more than just improve your memory. "

      Did you know that at the age of 40, most people begin to experience a marked reduction in the production of calcium-binding proteins in the body that is key for a healthy brain. Prevagen is a product that helps supply your body with Apoaequorin, a calcium-binding protein, that your brain needs to function better.

Benefits of using Prevagen:

  •  Clearer thinking as soon as 30 days.
  •  Easy once a day capsule
  •  Contains Apoaequorin which is in glowing jellyfish. It is classified as a "calcium-binding protein".
  •  Proven to help improve cognitive function and quality of life. 
  •  Voted #1 Brain Health Supplement
  •  100% made in the USA 
  •   Improves quality of sleep
  •  Significantly improves cognitive functioning 

     I was able to receive a one-month supply of Prevagen and I had my mom try it out for 30 days. I had my 55 year old mother try the Prevagen out to see what it could do for her memory. My mom has complained about her bad memory time after time. I was happy to have her try out the Prevagen to see what it could do for her in 30 days. I noticed a change in her after trying Prevagen. She was more energetic and was able to do more things than she was before. It seemed like her mind was clearer so she was able to do more! I believe that if she continues to keep taking Prevagen that it will help her out a lot more with her memory and foggy mind! My mom still had some slow thinking and memory problems after taking the pills for 30 days, but we realize that the capsules usually take 30-90 days to fully work. My mom liked that the Prevagen capsules were easy to swallow and were a nice size. It was also nice that there was only one pill to take once a day. 

     I'm also interested in trying out Prevagen for myself. I have some memory problems from having a busy schedule and multi-tasking with many things. I'd love it if Prevagen was the trick to a sharper mind! I could also use something to help me get better sleep so I'd love to try Prevagen out to see if it could give me better sleep!

     Visit the Prevagen website to see the full benefits of Prevagen! There is a lot of fascinating facts, studies, videos and information that you can find there.


Purchase Prevagen online or you can find Prevagen at Walgreen's and other fine retailers near the pharmacy.


Thanks to Prevagen, one lucky reader will win a 1 Month Supply of Prevagen! ($59.99 ARV)

a Rafflecopter giveaway I did receive a review product for this post. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thanks to the sponsor for letting me give away a prize. Prevagen is responsible for sending the winner their prize. I will in no way be responsible for a prize not received, however, I will do whatever I can to help the winner receive their prize.

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