Alexia All Natural Foods Sweet Potato Puffs Review

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     Alexia is a great company that I love. Alexia was founded in 2002 and produces a full line of snacks, side dishes, appetizers that are 100% all-natural with 0 grams of trans fat. Alexia offers all-natural foods with real ingredients at the grocery store in the freezer section that are ready for your microwave or oven. Alexia puts quality and taste first! Some of the delicious products they offer includes: Easy Appetizers, Artisan Breads, Potatoes, Oven Baked French Fries, Sweet Potatoes and Potato and Vegetable Sides!

     We had the opportunity to try out the Sweet Potato Puffs! We had my mom over for dinner one day. She loves Sweet Potatoes so I was glad to introduce her to the Sweet Potato Puffs.

"Crispy outside. Soft inside. Sweet all around. It’s the next deliciously logical step for the great sweet potato. Crispy bite-sized puffs. "

     The Sweet Potato Puffs are simple to bake. The Sweet Potato Puffs take 18-22 minutes to bake in the oven. The Sweet Potato Puffs are best served fresh from the oven!

     We liked that the Sweet Potato Puffs were crispy on the outside to our liking while soft on the inside. The Sweet Potato Puffs remind me a lot like Tater Tots. I prefer my tater tots with dipping sauce and I would prefer the Sweet Potato Puffs with dipping sauce too to add more flavor. I thought the Sweet Potato Puffs tasted plain and didn't have much of a taste other than a sweet potato taste. I'm not a big sweet potato fan and I was hoping that maybe I would love the Sweet Potato Puffs. They reminded me of regular sweet potatoes taste so if you aren't a big sweet potato lover than these might not be for you! My mom on the other hand loves sweet potatoes and she loved the Sweet Potato Puffs. My mom also requested brown sugar to add to her Sweet Potato Puffs for more flavoring. My mom took home the left over Sweet Potato Puffs and enjoyed them! 

    We love that the Sweet Potato Puffs are a healthy appetizer or side dish choice compared to regular potatoes!

    The Sweet Potato Puffs have only 130 calories per serving which is about 2/3 cup. 0 trans fat! The Sweet Potato Puffs do have 8g of sugar.
Alexia has many great reviews of the Sweet Potato Puffs on their website! Visit Alexia to see what everyone is saying about the Sweet Potato Puffs !

   Alexia has created an easy store locator so everyone can see where to purchase the Alexia products nearest to them! Visit the store locator today to see where you can buy these great products!

    Alexia products can be found at natural, gourmet, club, grocery, and mass retail stores! 

     Stay updated on the latest news and deals by liking Alexia on Facebook.  

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I received a review product in order to write a honest review. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thanks to Alexia for letting me review their great product. 

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