Holiday Gift Guide- Sudoku To Go (3 Pocket Pads to Take Anywhere) Review & Giveaway

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Sudoku To Go!
3 Pocket Pads to Take Anywhere

By Nikoli Publishing

100 Pages

(from the Workman website)

"Introducing a new idea in Sudoku, and it starts with travel: Sudoku to Go! is a collection of three slim notepads, each the perfect size to stick in a pocket or bag, light enough that you wouldn't even know it's there but convenient enough to pull out and play anywhere—on the train, the bus, plane, or in a restaurant while waiting for an order. Published in the same footprint as Nikoli's wildly successful Original Sudoku series the pads are bound by a wide belly-band. Each pad contains 100 all-new puzzles. The pads are rated Easy/Medium, Medium/Hard, and Hard/Very Hard, making it easy to match the player's mood or available time to play.

And because they're from Nikoli, each puzzle is handcrafted by an expert who draws you in with symmetry and elegance, predicts your every move, and adds just enough twists and surprises to challenge you, regardless of the level. It's an experience of play that no computer-generated puzzles can match."

     Workman Publishing was nice to send me Sudoku To Go to review! I absolutely love this game set! I have been a fan of Sudoku for quite a few years now. I haven't had a chance to play Sudoku for over a year. Maybe even 2 years. I was so thrilled to receive the Sudoku so I could brush up on my Sudoku skills!

     Sudoku is a deceptively simple exercise in logic. Here is how a Sudoku puzzle is made up of for those of you who may not know. Sudoku is a grid-based number game. Each puzzle is made up of 81 squares (called cells), which form 9 columns, 9 rows,  and 9 boxes - each is a 3 by 3 square that is set off by a bold line. Each of these contains the digits from 1 to 9. Each puzzle provides a partially completed grid, which typically has a unique solution. 

     The Sudoku To Go comes with 3 travel size pocket books! Each book has a different level which includes: easy/medium, medium/hard, and hard/very hard! I like the easy/medium one because it still picks at my brain and takes me awhile to finish one puzzle. I tried the medium/hard level pad and it took me alot longer to finish one puzzle and it made me think alot harder!

    The great thing is these pads can help beginners by starting off with the easy Sudoku pads while letting you advance as your skills get better! I feel that once I keep doing the easy/medium pad then I will be even better when I advance to the medium pad/hard.

    Each Sudoku pad has 100 different puzzles inside of them! That means all together this pad set has 300 puzzles! That means you will have hours and hours of fun and thinking! Instructions and rules come inside each booklet so if anyone needs help these pads will give helpful information inside of them! Each puzzle can be pulled out of the pad easily making it easier to write on the puzzle! The pads are very light weight and can fit easily in a back pocket, purse, brief case, bag, or etc.

     I have had so many times where I have been somewhere early and I have had to wait with nothing to do whether it be waiting at a doctor's office, waiting at the airport, traveling, traveling in the car, or etc. These Sudoku pads are great for those moments where you are extremely bored and have nothing to do while waiting! They are even fun just to do on your free time at home! I enjoy doing them at home or away from home for fun!

     As we get older, it is so good to keep our brains thinking and working on a regular basis! These Sudoku pads will help our memory out! I love these books because I have been told that I need to do things like this because I have low memory due to a bad roll over car accident I was in! I believe in puzzles like this for those of us who need extra help on memory. I know we all can use some help exercising our brain logically!

     This holiday season pick up, Sudoku To Go! This will be a fun unique gift that anyone will love! The Sudoku To Go would also make a great last minute stocking stuffer!


Visit Workman to purchase the Sudoku To Go! You can purchase this product for $9.95 (US) $12.95 (CAN).


Thanks to Workman Publishing, one lucky winner will receive the Sudoku To Go!

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Open to US and Canada

I received a review product in order to write a honest review. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thanks to Workman for letting me review and giveaway their products.

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