Holiday Gift Guide- Pacific Shaving Company Review

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     Today I would love to introduce you to the great company Pacific Shaving Company! Pacific Shaving Company is a fabulous company that specializes in creating shaving products that are good for the skin, good for the wallet, and good for the earth! That is what Pacific Shaving Company believes in and works hard to achieve!

     Pacific Shaving Company offers 4 different products to choose from that are great for both men and women! You can find these products at Pacific Shaving Company:

     Pacific Shaving Company was kind to send me 4 of their great products to try out! I received the Nick Stick, Shaving Oil, Blade Oil, and Shaving Cream! I had never heard of shaving products like these products before so I was very happy to hear about this company and to try these products out!

     I think the Nick Stick is awesome! I think everyone accidently cuts themselves while shaving once in while! I must admit! I hate when that happens! The only thing I have ever used is toilet paper to try to get the bleeding to stop! The bleeding can last longer than I'd like as well. Especially when I'm in a hurry! Thanks to the Nick Stick, I can use this instead of toilet paper! The Nick Stick is made with Vitamin A & E, and Aloe Vera to help smooth and heal the skin. The Nick Stick dries clear leaving no residue, and has a roll on feature for easy application! I didn't have any shaving accidents while having this product so I didn't get to use this product yet. I'm happy to have this product on hand when it is needed!

     The Blade Oil is an unique product that I have never seen before! I had no idea that it even existed! Blade Oil is made to help razor blades last longer! This amazing product can also help cut your razor blade costs in half! The Blade Oil has been clinically shown to slow down the process of oxidation and extends blade life up to 95%.  This product will save you alot of money and produces less waste! This product is easy to use! After you are done using a razor simply blot off excessive water on the blade. Apply the Blade Oil all across the razor blade until you can notice the oil. This may take 2-3 applications. You can then store your razor how you normally do. This product was fast and easy to use! I can also tell that my razor is lasting alot longer than it normally does! I love this product!

     Paul really loved the Shaving Cream! The Shaving Cream that Pacific Shaving Company offers has natural and certified organic ingredients. The shaving cream has a low-lather and is unique. The shaving cream comes in a 3 oz. jar. The amazing thing is just one jar will last up to 40 shaves. Paul is always unsure of products before he tries them out! Paul used this shaving cream and told me afterwards that he loved it! It made his facial hairs softer, his face smooth, and made his razor glide and cut right over his hairs. The shaving cream has a nice, natural, light, fresh scent! I had put the shaving cream with my review products after he used the shaving cream to keep myself organized and a couple days later, Paul came to me asking me where I had put the shaving cream. I knew at that moment that Paul really loved this shaving cream. He also told me to leave it on the counter so he knows where it is next time. The shaving cream is now on the counter ready for Paul to use when he needs it.

     The Shaving Oil is a unique product that both men and women can use! This product is made out of essential oils that will help leave your face moisturized without an oily feeling. This product appears clear when applying it to your skin so you can see where you have shaved and where you have not shaved. This products works well around blemishes, shaving beards/mustaches, and around ladies ankles. It will work well in many other places as well. The amazing thing is the travel size bottle will last up to 100 shaves. I enjoyed this product! I used this shaving oil on my legs! Just a small amount of this product goes a long way! I was surprised at how little I needed to cover my legs! This product helped my razor glide across my legs while cutting my hairs! This is a must have product to have while traveling or to use any other time!

     Pacific Shaving Company products would make a great gift idea this holiday season! It is something that everyone can use and it's a plus that it will save you money in the long run! These products are all a great size to take with you while traveling as well and would be great inside of a stocking this Christmas.

     We recommend the Pacific Shaving Company products to you!


Visit Pacific Shaving Company to purchase one of their great products!

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I received a review products in order to write a honest review. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thanks to Pacifict Shaving Company for letting me review your products.


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