BTSB- PlaySkool & Hasbro Tonka Chuck & Friends Race Along Chuck Review

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     I have always loved Hasbro & PlaySkool. I grew up playing with toys of these brands and to this day, I am able to see all of my niece's and nephew's playing with PlaySkool & Hasbro toys! I love that these toys are made with great quality and last for a long time!  I was excited when I was able to choose a product from PlaySkool to review out of toys that will be coming out this Fall in 2011. We can't forget about our preschoolers going to school too. Our preschoolers need to learn too so I'm happy to add these companies to our Back to School Bash.

     I knew when I saw the Tonka Chuck & Friends Race Along Chuck that my nephew would absolutely love this toy! I was definitely right! PlaySkool sent me out, super fast, a Race Along Chuck. 

      The Tonka Chuck & Friend's Race Along Chuck is an amazing toy that has many features to it. The Tonka truck has 6 racing games to play with your child for a great interaction toy. The games that it includes are: Tag Me, Green Means Go, Circle Race, How Slow Can You Go, Follow the Leader, & Red Light, Green Light. The Tonka truck also has over 50 phrases & sounds that makes this a fabulous interaction toy. My favorite sound the truck makes is the backing up noise it makes. The truck makes the exact noise as a real dump truck makes when backing up. I think that is cool that the truck is made with so much detail to make it similar to a real dump truck.

       Batteries are included with the truck for easy set up for this toy. The truck uses 4 "C" sized batteries. Simply remove the toy out of the box and have your child start playing with it. This truck is super easy to use.

     I took a visit to my nephew's home so I could spend the day playing with my nephew and the Tonka Chuck & Friends Race Along Chuck. I carried the Race Along Chuck up the stairs while my nephew was standing at the top of the stairs. He had a huge smile on his face and was excited to play with the Race Along Chuck. My nephew was a little hesitant at first because he was surprised that Chuck talked. He warmed up to the Race Along Chuck super fast and after he saw me playing with the truck, he then started to play with the truck by himself. He would push the truck around in the family room and into the kitchen. He got a kick out of Chuck talking to him.

     My nephew loved that the Race Along Chuck would drive along the floor by itself by simply pressing on the cab of the truck. Each time you press the cab a different phrase is said along with a different game. The cab also lights up red and green for added fun! My nephew loved to keep pressing the cab to see what Chuck would say next. Our favorite things Chuck did was pop a wheelies, and going around in a circle. It was amazing to see this truck do these things on its own. We also had fun stacking my nephew's other different little cars into the back of the HUGE Race Along Chuck. He called the Race Along Chuck huge because he also has a very tiny Chuck truck making the Race Along Chuck huge, compared to his tiny truck. We also were able to turn off Chuck with a switch underneath the truck so you can play with Chuck manually without him talking.

     My brother & sister-in-law were surprised at how cool this toy is. They mentioned that this truck has a lot of power to it. That is the first thing my brother noticed. The truck worked well on the carpet and had NO struggles working on the carpet. They mentioned that many of my nephew's toys have a hard time working on the carpet so they could see a huge difference with how great the Tonka Chuck & Friends Race Along Chuck worked compared to other toys they have. This is an awesome toy for playing with on the carpet! It also works awesome on tile floor, and any other flooring. We also loved that you could understand Chuck speaking clearly. This toy is really made to perfection and is a great interaction toy for your preschooler! This toy is definitely a great interactive toy that will keep children occupied for hours.

     Visit Hasbro Toy Shop  to purchase the Tonka Chuck & Friends Race Along Chuck in Fall 2011. You can also view all the great products Hasbro has to offer! The Tonka Chuck & Friends Race Along Chuck will be available at most major toy retailers nationwide.

     We love the Tonka Chuck & Friends Race Along Chuck! Thank you Hasbro & PlaySkool for letting us review your great product!

I received a review product in order to write a honest review. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thank to Hasbro & PlaySkool for letting me review your great product. 

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