Tec Labs Back-To-School Survival Kit- Lice Freee Everday Shampoo, StaphAseptic, & Calagel Review & Giveaway

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     Tec Labs is a company that is a pharmaceutical manufacturer that specializes in innovative topical applications. Tec Labs offers products like insect repellent, lice shampoo treatments, wound care products to prevent infections, anti-itching creams, plus much more!

Tec Labs sent me 3 great products to try out! I received the Lice Freee Everyday Shampoo, StaphAseptic® First Aid Antiseptic/Pain Reliever, and Calagel® Medicated Anti-Inch Gel  to review.

Lice Freee Everday Shampoo

"Why deal with a head lice infestation when you can avoid it in the first place?  Have your family wash their hair with Licefreee Everyday! 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo to help keep your family lice free!"

     I tried out the Lice Freee Everyday Shampoo myself and I really liked it. The shampoo comes sealed which showed me that this shampoo is super fresh when opening the seal. I recommend you take the seal off before jumping in the shower. I had a hard time taking it off while in the shower due to slippery fingers from the water. I didn't realize there was a seal on the shampoo until I was in the shower. It works as any ordinary shampoo does. I didn't really like the smell as I was washing my hair. It wasn't to bad of a smell, but it was strong in smell. I really liked how my hair smelled after it dried. Since the shampoo has tea tree oil in it, that is what my hair smelled like afterwards. Make sure you check out Tec Lab's Keeping Kids Lice Free Campaign to stay connected with information about keeping kids free from lice.

     I never knew that there is a shampoo that helps prevent lice and I'm glad that I know now! I had lice when I was in elementary school and trust me when I say you DO NOT want to ever mess with lice with your child. It is something that is not fun for a parent or child. Lice for me meant spending several hours in the bathtub combing through every strand of hair while hoping to get rid of every egg and lice. I definitely would recommend the Lice Freee Everyday Shampoo to help prevent going through what I went through when I was in elementary school. That is something I would NEVER want to go through again! To learn more about lice, please visit www.licefreee.com.


"Unlike pink runny calamine lotions, Calagel® Medicated Anti-itch Gel stays where you put it. The clear, hydrocortisone-free antihistamine gel dries quickly, leaving an invisible, anti-itch skin protectant shield on your tender skin."

     I also had my mom try out the Calagel Medicated Anti-Inch Gel 6 oz. My mom happened to have a new bug bite while she was at my house and asked me if I had something for a bug bite to put onto her bite. I pulled out the Anti-Inch Gel from Tec Lab. She used this gel and it helped the itch go away and it took away the unpleasant feeling of a bug bite. The Calagel Medicated Anti-Itch is a gel that is like a real gel and is not watery at all. I love that fact about it. To me, this is a gel that is made with the best quality. The Anti-Inch Gel does come with a medicated smell. The exciting part is the Calagel includes a trial size of Tecnu which is 2 oz. I love when you receive a bonus product for free so I thought that is cool that Tec Labs offers 2 products while purchasing the Calagel. I look forward to having the Calagel on hand when I need it from pain associated with poison oak, insect bites, sunburn, scrapes, cuts, and burns. I also look forward to trying out the Tecnu to help remove poison oak and ivy oils that cause rash and itching.


"Help Protect Your Family from Skin Infections...

StaphAseptic® is becoming the new standard in minor wound care as more people are realizing you can help prevent skin infections with an antibiotic-free product. Applied to minor cuts, scrapes and burns, StaphAseptic can help prevent skin infections and contains Lidocaine for noticeable pain relief."

     Lastly, I tried out the StaphAseptic First Aid Antiseptic & Pain Reliever 1 oz. My mom's cat scratched me when I was playing with her cat. I thought that was the perfect opportunity to try out what the StaphAseptic could do for my scratch on my hand. I decided to give the StaphAseptic a try when I got home. The StaphAseptic comes with a seal so that needs to be pulled off before using this product. I love that Tec Labs products all come sealed up so you know it's fresh when first using it. The StaphAseptic looks like a gel when I applied it to my skin and had a light medicated smell to it. This product took away the redness that was around my scratch and it also took away my pain. I was happy that the StaphAseptic helped my scratch. I totally forgot that I had a scratch on my hand because the StaphAseptic took away the pain and annoying feeling of the scratch. I look forward to having StaphAseptic on hand just in case I need it for future scratches, burns, and minor cuts. This product is a must have in any first aid kit!

     I definitely recommend these products to you! I look forward to continuing to use these products to help me out to feel better and to avoid lice! These are all great products that are great to have on hand or to have in a first-aid kit! All of these products can fit perfectly in a first-aid kit, or purse.

     Visit TecLabsinc.com today to check out all the products they have to offer!


You can purchase all of these products by visiting Tec Labs.

LiceFreee Everyday Shampoo retails for $11.99.

StaphAseptic retails from $7.99- $49.99.

Calagel retails from $6.99-$23.99.


Thanks to Tec Labs, one lucky reader will win LiceFreee Everyday Shampoo, Calagel, and Staphaseptic. ($27 ARV)

MANDATORY ENTRY: Which of the 3 products are you excited to have on hand and tell me why! Please leave a comment in the comment section for your entry. (1 entry)

**You must do the first entry first to qualify for bonus entry. Please leave a comment for each entry! If it says 3 entries then leave 3 entries! You must be 18 years old! No PO Box addresses will be accepted! Please make sure you leave an e-mail address or have it in your profile! If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!**


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     Giveaway will end on 10/27/11 at 11:59 PM MST

Winner will be chosen by random.org and will be e-mailed. The winner has 48 hrs. to respond to my e-mail or another winner will be chosen. I will announce the winner on my blog.

Open to US Residents

I received a review product in order to write a honest review. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thanks to Tec Labs for letting me review and giveaway their product.

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