Memorial Day

4:49 PM

     I hope everyone had  a safe and Happy Memorial Day! I'm late in writing this, but I just wanted everyone to know that I care about Memorial Day! I'm thankful for the troops and soldiers who help protect our country! I'm thankful that they do that for us by risking their own lives! It's so amazing all that they put on hold for our country! Many thanks to our soldiers and to the family of soldiers who support them!

     I also enjoy Memorial Day because it's a day to remember the loved ones that have passed on! I was able to visit the cemetery where my grandma is at on Monday. She passed away 7 months ago. I hadn't seen her headstone until Monday so it really was great to go and it just made it so real to see her headstone there.

     We also visited Paul's mom and brother at the cemetery. The cemetery was so packed that there was no where to park! I'm amazed at that cemetery every year!

     May we remember the ones that have passed on every day and not just on Memorial Day!


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