Top 10 List of Things We Did This Summer

11:21 AM

      Summer is now over with! I can hardly believe it! It went by so fast! I'd like to  reminisce about our summer! Here is our top 10 list of things we did this summer or things that happened whether they were good or bad! 

     1.    Paul and I went to his first work party at a park. My brother works at the same place so I was able to see my nephew walk for the first time! It was very fun for me!

     2.    Rocky, my cat was caught by animal control. I could not believe that they caught him and was inside of their truck. He was pretty banged up and his front bottom teeth got chipped in half from that incident. He was traumatized for days. Poor guy! I'm so thankful to have him back safe!

     3.     My grandfather died on Paul's birthday this month. It was a peaceful experience. It was nice to spend time with family during that time.

     4.     I worked and worked on my quilt that was suppose to be done this month. Unfortunately, I did not finish it in time for my quilt group. My deadline for myself is now to have it done by November.

     5.     We found out Paul's dad is getting remarried in November! Wow! That was a shock for everyone considering we didn't know he was dating anyone.  He is also 75 years old.

    6.      Paul and I met up with many of Paul's best friend's and their wives. We went out to eat at a buffet place. We haven't done it for years so it was great for Paul to see his great friend's.

    7.      We helped my mom move and packed up my mom's stuff. We moved her to my grandpa's house.  It was a big project that went smoothly.

    8.       Our garden grew better this year then last year. We had corn, squash, peppers and zucchini that grew well. Paul also still has some pumpkins, and melons growing outside.

    9.       We went to weddings and were able to see some good friend's that I hadn't seen in awhile. It was very fun for me!

   10.       Our pets went to their annual vet appointment to get their shots updated.

     That is my top 10 list! What are some things that were in your top 10 list of things you did this summer! If you blog about it, please leave me a link because I'd love to visit your site and see or just comment below! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer!

      I wish you all a great Fall!

Del Monte Teacher Monday: Cash 4 Classrooms

6:32 PM

     Are any of you teachers? Do you know family or friend's who are teachers! Here's a great chance to win cash for their classrooms by entering to win at I know that every teacher could use some extra cash for their classroom!

     Del Monte Fresh Produce is supporting kindergarten thru 12th grade public school teachers across North and Central America with cash to purchase school supplies and fresh fruit in the “Teacher Monday: Cash for Classrooms” campaign.  

     One hundred prizes totaling $1,000 each will be awarded to teachers who get the most votes in the “Teacher Monday: Cash for Classrooms” online contest at 

     Ten winners will be selected each Monday for five consecutive weeks in October/November, 2010, for a total of 50 winning teachers North American teachers. Winning teachers will receive $750 in cash to purchase school supplies and $250 in Del Monte fresh fruit coupons for classroom snacks and to use in fruit educational activities.

     I know some teachers in my life so I'm going to start getting the word out today!

     Visit Del Monte to submit your information for a chance to win for your classroom!

* I was not compensated for writing this post. I'm just getting the word out about this great giveaway for teachers. Information in this post was provided to me by Del Monte.*


Farm Rich Sandwich Melts Review

5:48 PM


      Busy, Busy, Busy! Life as a parent, employee, and etc. has us so busy these days! I can't believe how busy life has gotten since the time when I was growing up! Life seems to get much busier around the holidays as well. This holiday season remember Farm Rich to help your parties and entertaining go much smoother!

      Thanks to Farm Rich, they can help us snack better and faster! I had never heard about Farm Rich before so I was so glad to be able to try out one of their many yummy appetizers! Farm Rich has many products to choose from including: meatballs, cheesesticks, quesadillas, french toast sticks and many more!

(from their website)

"Farm Rich® products have been setting the standard for delicious, easy-to-prepare food the whole family loves.

Farm Rich® foods taste like nothing else because they're made like nothing else – with 100% real ingredients like real cheese, high-quality meats and fresh vegetables. Our snacks, appetizers, and breakfast foods are quick-frozen and carefully packaged so busy families can prepare great tasting food within minutes.

Farm Rich® is a Rich's Consumer Brand, which brings to market some of the food industry's leading retail brands including SeaPak® Shrimp Co., Casa Di Bertacchi® and more.

From early morning breakfasts to midnight snacks, we're proud to say Farm Rich® products have become synonymous with high quality and great taste."

     I knew that picking out one of the many products from Farm Rich was going to be a task for me. All of the appetizers looked scrumptious and yummy! I could not decide for myself so I sent Paul into the store and told him to pick one out! Paul came out with the Sandwich Melts. The picture on the bag looked great. I knew this product was going to be perfect for lunch! It was, indeed!

(from the Farm Rich site)

"Mealtime or snack time, these tasty treats are sure to please your hungry crowd. Grilled flatbread with 100% real Mozzarella, Romano & Parmesan cheeses, all white meat chicken, crispy bacon, and a savory artichoke pesto sauce. Great taste without the grill!"

The product includes:

- Premium Ingredients
- 0g trans fat per serving
- 100% real cheese
- Convenient resealable packaging
- 8 to 11 sandwiches inside
- Good source of protein and calcium

The Microwave Version

     Paul was in such a hurry that he microwaved a first batch of Sandwich Melts. He only had to microwave them for around 3 minutes! It was amazing how quick and easy it was to microwave them up. They did seem somewhat soggy (not bad) just different then the oven version. We liked them, but we wanted to see how the oven cooking would differ.

The Oven Version

     We loved the oven version much better! The sandwich melts only took 20 minutes to cook. It seemed as if you could taste more flavor when cooking them in the oven! The outside of the sandwich was crispy cooking it this way! The ingredients were all equal so none of the ingredients were to overpowering than another ingredient! The bacon added a nice extra touch. I loved the bacon in it. The bacon was in very small pieces! I would have loved to have had more chicken it in. It seemed like their was more cheese in the sandwiches then anything!

Our Overall Opinion

We loved the Sandwich Melts! We would definitely purchase them again because they make great appetizers, snacks, and a great lunch. They also tasted scrumptious! They are also quite tasty dipped in ranch dressing! The sandwich melts are sure to be a holiday party appetizer pleaser!

Next time you are in a hurry, remember Farm Rich products!


Visit Farm Rich to see where the store nearest you is located to purchase these wonderful products. The Sandwich Melts were just under $5.00 where we purchased them at.

I received a free coupon in order to write a honest review. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinoins. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thanks to Farm Rich for letting me review their products!

Canadian Giveaways

$65 CSN Stores Gift Certificate Giveaway

10:51 AM

      It's my birthday this week and CSN Stores is helping me celebrate my birthday with all of you! CSN Stores offered me to do another giveaway and I gladly accepted!

     CSN Stores is an online store that is like a HUGE online shopping mall! You will be able to find over 200 different stores while visiting CSN Stores! They also have many products to choose from ranging from bed sets, lamps, heaters, clocks, to cookware items and much more!!

      Hurry over to CSN Stores today to help make your shopping much easier!


Thanks to CSN Stores, one of my lucky readers will receive a $65 CSN Stores Gift Certificate!! Shipping is not included so make sure you find a product that has free shipping! :)


1. Visit CSN Stores and tell me which bed set you'd love to own (1 entry)
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You can copy and paste this if you'd like!

@natdey #Win a fabulous $65 CSN Stores Gift Certificate!! Ends 10/20 Open to US/CAN #giveaways

Giveaway will end on 10/20/10 at 10 PM MST

Winner will be chosen by and will be e-mailed. The winner has 48 hrs. to respond to my e-mail or another winner will be chosen. I will announce the winner on my blog.

Open to US and Canada

No compensation was made for this post. I'm just taking the opportunity to offer this great giveaway to my readers. Many thanks to CSN Stores for offering this great giveaway to my readers! Shipping fees will be the responsibility of the winners along with any international fees that may apply.


Wholesale Keychain- Flashlight Keychain & Keyring - With Laser Pointer Review

2:17 PM

     Wholesale Keychain is a great online store that carries many different keychains. They have a wide variety of keychains ranging from digital photo keychains to pepperspray keychains. They have so many keychains that will catch your eye when searching their site!

      I was lucky to be sent the  Flashlight Keychain & Keyring - With Laser Pointer to review.
Here is some information about this great flashlight keychain:
(from the Wholesale Keychain site)

- With two modes: LED flashlight and red laser pointer
- Max output: &
- Wavelength: 650nm +/- 10
- Class IIIA Laser product
- This product complies with 21CFR
- Extensive lifetime of LED (100,000 hrs)
- Low power consumption
- Water resistant
- Power: 4 x AG3 batteries (Not included)
- Warranty period: Six Months
- Not in retail packaging

     I was very impressed with this flashlight! This flashlights light is very bright that it works just as great as some of the regular flashlights I use. That is so amazing to me with how little the keychain is. I love that the keychain went well with my keys. It added something new to my keys. As you can see from the picture above, the flashlight is about just as long as the keys. This keychain and my keys fit perfectly in my pocket.

     The flashlight keychain has 2 simple buttons to use. One is for the laser to work and one is for the flashlight.   You just push the flashlight button once and it stays on until you click the button again to turn it off. The laser button you have to hold down the button for it to work.

    This flashlight is something that everyone should have for emergencies! This flashlight came in handy for me when my front porch lights were not on one night. The flashlight helped me to see better when unlocking my door so I could get into my house! I'm also glad to have this flashlight for when the power may go out at my house. I know that this flashlight is bright enough that I will be able to see good with this flashlight when the power is out. This flashlight keychain is also great to have when you may need to find something in your purse at night, while in the car, while walking to and from your car and while camping. This keychain will also help in many other situations.

      Lucky, my dog enjoyed the laser that is also included with this same keychain. He loves chasing around the laser. The laser did work alot better at night then the daytime. The laser showed up better when it was darker in the house.

     I'm so glad I have a flashlight keychain now to help me see better and for me to feel safer at night! This keychain is made with great quality! I know it will last me a long time!

      I recommend the Flashlight Keychain & Keyring- With Laser Pointer to you!


Visit Wholesale Keychain to purchase the Flashlight Keychain & Keyring- With Laser Pointer. You can purchase this keychain for a great price of $7.99.

I received a product from Wholesale Keychain in order to do a honest review.  All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thanks to Wholesale Keychain for the review product.

This Product Was a Free Giveaway

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide and Extra Entries Opportunity

1:39 PM


      It's hard to believe that in just a couple months Christmas will be here! It's a great time to start thinking about Christmas shopping! Rachel from Second Time Around and I are teaming up to have a Holiday Gift Guide Event on our site to help give you wonderful Christmas shopping ideas for your family! This event will take place the whole month of November! We will have many reviews and giveaways!

Here are just a few wonderful sponsors that are sponsoring these great giveaways on my site:

Febreze Gift Pack

KIWI Gift Pack



I will have many more giveaways on my site! You won't want to miss out!

I still have more openings for more reviews and giveaways so if any companies are interested in being featured on my site, please e-mail me at


If you'd like 5 EXTRA ENTRIES into the giveaways,  then simply put this cute button on your sidebar that you will find located on my left sidebar!

      Jessica from So Stylilized was kind to make Rachel and I our buttons for our holiday event! Thank you, Jessica! Jessica is great at creating blog backgrounds, buttons, templates, and more! She does all of this for FREE!!! Tips are encouraged for all of Jessica's hardwork and time.

     Visit So Stylilized today to get on the waiting list. The waiting list for buttons isn't as long as other things so hurry over and get on the list today!

     Please  go add my holiday gift guide button for 5 extra entries into the giveaways in November. Leave me a comment here with the link to your site! Make sure you go visit Rachel at Second Time Around  and add her button to your site as well since she has a different button then I do. She will have many kid giveaways so you won't want to miss it!

Birthday Bash Starts in One Week! EXTRA ENTRIES!!

2:15 AM

     Earlier this month, I told you all that Rachel and I were celebrating our birthdays in October with a Birthday Bash! The time is finally here! One week from today the birthday bash will start! My birthday is October 1st and Rachel's birthday is October 29th. We have decided to start the bash on October 3rd and have it finish on October 29.

     Here are just a few of the sponsors for the birthday bash:

Ernie's Epic Foods  (Gourmet Salsas)

     Those are just a few of the sponsors that are sponsoring giveaways on my site. You don't want to miss out on this fun event!


     We would love for you to blog about the birthday event. If you blog about the birthday event BEFORE October 3rd then you will get 5 extra entries into each birthday bash giveaway. 

      To make it easy....all you have to do is copy and paste this message below. Please also include links to our sites!

    "Get Ready to Party! Natalie from The Adventures of Paul & Natalie and Rachel from Second Time Around  are celebrating their Birthdays in October. So from October 3rd to October 29th, you can enter to win lots of great prizes! Go check out either of their blogs now to get extra entries into the giveaway! "

      Make sure you blog about the above message in a NEW post BEFORE October 3rd. Come back here and leave a comment that you blogged and then leave a link to your post. Make sure you leave a comment on both of our posts! You will then receive 5 extra entries into the giveaways.

      I'm excited for this event to start! Get ready to party in October with us!

Giveaway Scout

12:45 PM

     I'm excited to finally jump in and participate with Giveaway Scout! I'm excited to see how it works and if it will bring me more traffic to my giveaways!

Here is what Giveaway Scout is all about:
(from the Giveaway Scouts site)

Giveaway Scout is a giveaway search engine. Our users subscribe to receive updates on the latest giveaways on the web. Add your blog and your giveaways will be exposed to our large network or users.

•Giveaway Scout publishes your giveaways on multiple channels (Our web, newsletter, Twitter, Facebook and widget network)

•Get more exposure to your blog and giveaways.

Come join with me! All you have to do is write a post and then submit your blog in to Giveaway Scout for FREE! It's that easy!

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop! Come Join!

7:42 AM

     It is another week of Pet Blogger Hop! I always love to join in to support my fellow pet blogger's when I can! Come join in if you are a pet blogger or if you are a blogger who has furry family members!

     Visit Two Little Cavaliers, Life with Dogs, and Confessions of the Plume to learn more about this blog hop!

I'm a blogger who has many furry family members!

     I'd love for you to enter the great giveaway on my blog to win Organic Pet Shampoo. It's the best shampoo that I have tried on my dog, Lucky. I recommend it!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Handmade Natural Beauty September Special

4:28 PM

Handmade Natural Beauty has the greatest products that are made naturally!

Here is the special that is going on for the month of September. This offer will end on September 30, 2010

Receive a FREE matching Organic Spa Lotion with the purchase of and Organic Spa Bath and Shower Gel!*

*Offer valid with any $40 or more retail order after any applicable discounts and before shipping. Enter "FREE Organic Lotion" in comments upon checkout. Offer good through September 31, 2010 and on newly placed online orders only. While supplies last!

I have a giveaway going on for Handmade Natural Beauty right now so don't miss out on entering to win Organic Liquid Pet Shampoo! It's the BEST dog shampoo I have ever used or found! This giveaway will end 10/14/10. Open to US Only!

I did not receive anything for this post. I'm just letting you know about a great company and their special of the month!


Congratulations to the KAMsnaps Winner

12:55 PM

     I have a lucky winner to announce today! Thank you all for entering the KAMsnaps Giveaway on my blog!

    The lucky winner was chosen by The winner is:

    #175  Jessie

    Congratulations to Jessie! Please respond to my e-mail within 48 hrs. to claim your prize!


Handmade Natural Beauty with Joan Review + Giveaway (CLOSED)

8:06 PM

    Handmade Natural Beauty carries a wide variety of natural beauty products. Some of the products they sell include: massage oils, lip balm, pet shampoo, deodorants, soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, muscle rub, and many other natural products!

    I have been lucky to review for Handmade Natural Beauty Consultant, Joan Penfold before. I loved all of the products that I was able to review before which included a lotion bar, whipped body cream, and lip balm. Handmade Natural Beauty has great products that work wonderfully!

     This time around, Joan gave me the great opportunity to review the Organic Liquid Pet Shampoo. The Organic Liquid Pet Shampoo definitely reached and surpassed my expectations! Read below to see why!

(from the Handmade Natural Beauty website)

"This ORGANIC Pet Shampoo repels fleas and ticks naturally. Non-toxic and safe. Eco-friendly natural liquid soap. Mild, hypoallergenic, and free of petroleum or animal by-products. No animal-testing outside of shampooing and those dogs didn't seem to mind much ;-). Handmade Natural Beauty is proud to offer your pet a natural safe pet care alternative to cleansing and repealling pests without the chemicals."

Made with: Saponified Organic Oils of Coconut, Olive and Jojoba, Tea Tree and Organic Orange Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, and Rosemary.

     The Organic Liquid Pet Shampoo was delivered to me quickly. The bottle of shampoo also was delivered to me in nice plastic inside a box. The bottle has a cute Handmade Natural Beauty label with a cute dog on it.

      Lucky has been having skin problems this year. He has had MANY sores on him near his face from scratching himself constantly. We also found several ticks on Lucky just before receiving this shampoo. We tried this shampoo out and we were very impressed!

Here's a picture of Lucky before we used the shampoo. Here is just one of the sores that he had on his face. The sore is just below his eye a bit. This picture was taken August 25, 2010.

Lucky after using the shampoo. The sores are all gone!! This picture was taken September 22, 2010.

      This shampoo helped Lucky so much that after using this shampoo only once he has not had his excessive itching anymore. His ticks are totally gone! His sores that he had for months are totally gone too. It has been a couple weeks since we have used the shampoo also! It's amazing to me how well this shampoo worked with just one use! I'm so happy to have this shampoo on hand because with how well this shampoo works, I will not use any other shampoo!

     The shampoo foamed up good! The soap was able to rinse right off as well. The smell of this shampoo is scentsational! Lucky smelled wonderfully after his bath! I loved it because the smell did not wear off quickly! I was able to cuddle with my Lucky dog and I loved the smell of him that lasted more than a day! Lucky's coat was so shiny after his bath also. It was amazing at how much his coat shined because I don't remember his coat ever shining that much before.
Things I love about the Organic Liquid Pet Shampoo:
- made with natural ingredients.
- helped Lucky's excessive itching.
- helped Lucky's ticks go away for good.
- helped Lucky's coat to shine.
- great price for the quality of the product.
- the smell is fabulous.  
- easy to rinse off.
If your pet is in need of some great shampoo then I would definitely recommend you to use the Organic Liquid Pet Shampoo by Handmade Natural Beauty. I'm sure glad that I was able to use it on Lucky!
I definitely recommend Joan from Handmade Natural Beauty and the Organic Liquid Pet Shampoo to you!
Visit Handmade Natural Beauty to purchase the Organic Liquid Pet Shampoo for $8.00.
Thanks to Joan, one of my lucky readers will receive a bottle of Organic Liquid Pet Shampoo!
Visit Handmade Natural Beauty and tell me a product and scent that you would love to try (1 entry)
**You must do the first entry first to qualify for bonus entry. Please leave a comment for each entry! If it says 3 entries then leave 3 entries! You must be 18 years old! No PO Box addresses will be accepted! Please make sure you leave an e-mail address or have it in your profile! If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!**
1. Like Joan on Facebook (1 entry)
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9. Add my button or add my button to your site (2 entries for each)
10. Make a purchase from Joan's Website.  You MUST put Joan Penfold under consultant when ordering (5 entries)
11. Join HNB under Joan Penfold (10 entries)
11. Follow @natdey on Twitter and tweet this giveaway (1x/daily)
  You can copy and paste this if you'd like!

@natdey #Win Handmade Natural Beauty Organic Liquid Pet Shampoo for your Furry Family Member! #giveaway Ends 10/14
Giveaway will end on 10/14/10 at 10 PM MST
Winner will be chosen by and will be e-mailed. The winner has 48 hrs. to respond to my e-mail or another winner will be chosen. I will announce the winner on my blog.
Open to US Residents
I received a review product from Joan in order to review this product. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thanks to Joan for letting me review this great product from Handmade Natural Beauty and for letting me give away  product as well.
  Congrats to Patricia for winning this giveaway! 


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