Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide and Extra Entries Opportunity


      It's hard to believe that in just a couple months Christmas will be here! It's a great time to start thinking about Christmas shopping! Rachel from Second Time Around and I are teaming up to have a Holiday Gift Guide Event on our site to help give you wonderful Christmas shopping ideas for your family! This event will take place the whole month of November! We will have many reviews and giveaways!

Here are just a few wonderful sponsors that are sponsoring these great giveaways on my site:

Febreze Gift Pack

KIWI Gift Pack



I will have many more giveaways on my site! You won't want to miss out!

I still have more openings for more reviews and giveaways so if any companies are interested in being featured on my site, please e-mail me at coolnatty12@yahoo.com


If you'd like 5 EXTRA ENTRIES into the giveaways,  then simply put this cute button on your sidebar that you will find located on my left sidebar!

      Jessica from So Stylilized was kind to make Rachel and I our buttons for our holiday event! Thank you, Jessica! Jessica is great at creating blog backgrounds, buttons, templates, and more! She does all of this for FREE!!! Tips are encouraged for all of Jessica's hardwork and time.

     Visit So Stylilized today to get on the waiting list. The waiting list for buttons isn't as long as other things so hurry over and get on the list today!

     Please  go add my holiday gift guide button for 5 extra entries into the giveaways in November. Leave me a comment here with the link to your site! Make sure you go visit Rachel at Second Time Around  and add her button to your site as well since she has a different button then I do. She will have many kid giveaways so you won't want to miss it!


Rebecca O said...

I added the button! http://2everythinginbetween.blogspot.com/

bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

Nichol said...

Added the button under bloggy events http://www.kiddiescornerdeals.com

bigguysmama said...

You'll find your button at http://marvelousmomreviews.blogspot.com


barbara.montyj said...

You'll find your Holiday button here:
barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

Bethany said...

Got your button

aledol said...


it wasn't showing when I snagged it, so I'm hoping after it refreshes it will-blogger anyway;):) remind me NOT to leave town agn until 2020 -knee popped kids called & almost burned up cell lines!!
Happy BDay this wkend (huggies!!)

blueviolet said...

Oh I'll put this up!!!!

redfuzzycow said...

i put the button on my blog!

Niecey said...

I got it


CindyWindy2003 said...

button on blog http://cindywindylovesblogsnfrogs.blogspot.com/

fancygrlnancy said...

under blogging events

~ Noelle said...

i got it!

Tiffany D. said...

Posted button on my sidebar.
mtdudleyfamily dot blogspot dot com

Lloyd Family said...

i added the holiday gift guide button

Haven said...

have your button havensinformer.blogspot.com

Tabathia said...

tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

Matt N Karen said...

I have your button on my right hand sidebar.


*you must have an invite from me as it is a private blog, so you can verify with Rachel I have your button or send me your e-mail so I can invite you!

Corrie said...

Find your holiday button here: http://www.corriecontestcache.blogspot.com. Corrie Gompf supermomonwheels(at)gmail(dot)com

The Litrenta Family said...

I added your Holiday Gift Guide button to the bottom of my blog

Jasmine said...

I added your button!


Michelle said...

I have your button on my right sidebar