Top 10 List of Things We Did This Summer

11:21 AM

      Summer is now over with! I can hardly believe it! It went by so fast! I'd like to  reminisce about our summer! Here is our top 10 list of things we did this summer or things that happened whether they were good or bad! 

     1.    Paul and I went to his first work party at a park. My brother works at the same place so I was able to see my nephew walk for the first time! It was very fun for me!

     2.    Rocky, my cat was caught by animal control. I could not believe that they caught him and was inside of their truck. He was pretty banged up and his front bottom teeth got chipped in half from that incident. He was traumatized for days. Poor guy! I'm so thankful to have him back safe!

     3.     My grandfather died on Paul's birthday this month. It was a peaceful experience. It was nice to spend time with family during that time.

     4.     I worked and worked on my quilt that was suppose to be done this month. Unfortunately, I did not finish it in time for my quilt group. My deadline for myself is now to have it done by November.

     5.     We found out Paul's dad is getting remarried in November! Wow! That was a shock for everyone considering we didn't know he was dating anyone.  He is also 75 years old.

    6.      Paul and I met up with many of Paul's best friend's and their wives. We went out to eat at a buffet place. We haven't done it for years so it was great for Paul to see his great friend's.

    7.      We helped my mom move and packed up my mom's stuff. We moved her to my grandpa's house.  It was a big project that went smoothly.

    8.       Our garden grew better this year then last year. We had corn, squash, peppers and zucchini that grew well. Paul also still has some pumpkins, and melons growing outside.

    9.       We went to weddings and were able to see some good friend's that I hadn't seen in awhile. It was very fun for me!

   10.       Our pets went to their annual vet appointment to get their shots updated.

     That is my top 10 list! What are some things that were in your top 10 list of things you did this summer! If you blog about it, please leave me a link because I'd love to visit your site and see or just comment below! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer!

      I wish you all a great Fall!

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