Grandpa, May You Rest in Peace!

10:30 AM

     I just wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes for Paul! I really appreciate all of the comments yesterday!

     Paul's birthday didn't really go as we planned! My grandpa passed away yesterday in the evening time. We spent the night at my dad's house until midnight talking and spending time together as a family. My grandpa had moved in to my dad's house just 2 weeks ago. It was something that was unexpected for me, but expected at the same time! My grandpa was 85 years old.

     I'll miss you grandpa! Tell grandma "hello" and give her a hug for me!

     With all that being said, I will be busy this week with a viewing and funeral. I will try to post things that I have scheduled to post! Please bear with me and I hope you come back to  visit here! I have many upcoming giveaways that are lined up for a birthday bash and holiday gift guide event so please stay tuned!

     Thanks for all of your support during this difficult time!!

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