Farm Rich Sandwich Melts Review

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      Busy, Busy, Busy! Life as a parent, employee, and etc. has us so busy these days! I can't believe how busy life has gotten since the time when I was growing up! Life seems to get much busier around the holidays as well. This holiday season remember Farm Rich to help your parties and entertaining go much smoother!

      Thanks to Farm Rich, they can help us snack better and faster! I had never heard about Farm Rich before so I was so glad to be able to try out one of their many yummy appetizers! Farm Rich has many products to choose from including: meatballs, cheesesticks, quesadillas, french toast sticks and many more!

(from their website)

"Farm Rich® products have been setting the standard for delicious, easy-to-prepare food the whole family loves.

Farm Rich® foods taste like nothing else because they're made like nothing else – with 100% real ingredients like real cheese, high-quality meats and fresh vegetables. Our snacks, appetizers, and breakfast foods are quick-frozen and carefully packaged so busy families can prepare great tasting food within minutes.

Farm Rich® is a Rich's Consumer Brand, which brings to market some of the food industry's leading retail brands including SeaPak® Shrimp Co., Casa Di Bertacchi® and more.

From early morning breakfasts to midnight snacks, we're proud to say Farm Rich® products have become synonymous with high quality and great taste."

     I knew that picking out one of the many products from Farm Rich was going to be a task for me. All of the appetizers looked scrumptious and yummy! I could not decide for myself so I sent Paul into the store and told him to pick one out! Paul came out with the Sandwich Melts. The picture on the bag looked great. I knew this product was going to be perfect for lunch! It was, indeed!

(from the Farm Rich site)

"Mealtime or snack time, these tasty treats are sure to please your hungry crowd. Grilled flatbread with 100% real Mozzarella, Romano & Parmesan cheeses, all white meat chicken, crispy bacon, and a savory artichoke pesto sauce. Great taste without the grill!"

The product includes:

- Premium Ingredients
- 0g trans fat per serving
- 100% real cheese
- Convenient resealable packaging
- 8 to 11 sandwiches inside
- Good source of protein and calcium

The Microwave Version

     Paul was in such a hurry that he microwaved a first batch of Sandwich Melts. He only had to microwave them for around 3 minutes! It was amazing how quick and easy it was to microwave them up. They did seem somewhat soggy (not bad) just different then the oven version. We liked them, but we wanted to see how the oven cooking would differ.

The Oven Version

     We loved the oven version much better! The sandwich melts only took 20 minutes to cook. It seemed as if you could taste more flavor when cooking them in the oven! The outside of the sandwich was crispy cooking it this way! The ingredients were all equal so none of the ingredients were to overpowering than another ingredient! The bacon added a nice extra touch. I loved the bacon in it. The bacon was in very small pieces! I would have loved to have had more chicken it in. It seemed like their was more cheese in the sandwiches then anything!

Our Overall Opinion

We loved the Sandwich Melts! We would definitely purchase them again because they make great appetizers, snacks, and a great lunch. They also tasted scrumptious! They are also quite tasty dipped in ranch dressing! The sandwich melts are sure to be a holiday party appetizer pleaser!

Next time you are in a hurry, remember Farm Rich products!


Visit Farm Rich to see where the store nearest you is located to purchase these wonderful products. The Sandwich Melts were just under $5.00 where we purchased them at.

I received a free coupon in order to write a honest review. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinoins. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thanks to Farm Rich for letting me review their products!

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