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  Are you craving rich and creamy soup flavors with the cooler weather here? Do you dread the many calories that are in creamy soups? I have great news! Progresso has just come out with the all new Progresso Light soups that contain only 100 calories per serving. Now you can indulge in warm, creamy soups like Light Creamy Potato with Bacon and Cheese and Light Chicken Pot Pie Style without feeling the extra guilt. These soups are packed with satisfying flavors so now you can eat less calories without sacrificing the taste!

   Light Creamy Potato with Bacon and Cheese and Light Chicken Pot Pie are just two soups that are joining the lineup of more than 40 flavorful soups that are 100 calories or less per serving.

    These soups are Weight Watchers endorsed, have 100 calories per serving and a 2 PointsPlus value per serving.

      The Light Creamy Potato with Bacon and Cheese was my favorite soup out of the two creamy soups that I received to try out. I am a potato soup lover. Potato soup is one of my favorite soups of all time! I am glad to find a soup that tastes great with only 100 calories. Infact, this soup has 50% fewer calories than the leading potato bacon and cheese soups. The soup has little chunks of potato inside with other yummy ingredients like bacon, onions, and celery.  I have purchased more of the Progresso Light Creamy Potato with Bacon and Cheese soup since trying it out! That is how much that I loved this soup. I also had to go to the store twice to get this soup because the first time I went to the store this soup was all out! That is how popular this soup is where I shop!

    The Light Chicken Pot Pie is a yummy wholesome flavor! It is full of chunky classic vegetables, hearty potatoes and white-meat chicken! This soup is definitely for you if you love chunky soup. This soup has 33% fewer calories than regular ready-to-serve soups. I also noticed that this soup was sold out at the store when I tried to purchase this soup. The Light soups were mostly out of stock so these soups are extra popular right now!

    I recommend these 2 Progresso Light Creamy Soup Flavors! I love that they have Light Soups out now to help us eat fewer calories! I love eating these soups with a green salad too for a soup and salad lunch.

COUPON TIME: Here is a coupon to receive $1.25 off the purchase price of 4 cans of Progresso soup.

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 Would you like to try out some Light Cream Soups for yourself? Here is your chance to win a fun prize pack! 

Prize pack includes: 2 Light Cream Soups, 1 Soup Mug, 1 Lunch Tote, 1 Water Bottle.

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Disclosure: The coupons, information, and gift pack have been provided by Progresso through MyBlogSpark.

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