My Grandpa Is Slipping Away

11:34 AM

     My grandpa has been slowly declining over the months. He beat bone marrow cancer years ago, but the medicine he had been taking to keep his cancer in line stopped working. He started new treatments the last few weeks that didn't seem to work and he needed many blood transfusions. Unfortunately, he came home from his last blood transfusion last week not good. He has had a stroke and is unable to talk well, walk, or do anything himself.

     My grandpa has been a big part of my life so this time is hard for me. I just wanted you all to know why I've been a little absent from my blog. I've been spending time with him this month enjoying the time I have left with him.

     I'll continue my Valentine's Day Event Giveaways this week as planned, but I will be away spending time with my grandpa.

These pictures were taken this month just a few weeks ago! He loved my hats so he wore his! Paul wore a hat of his too.

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