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     I have an amazing product to tell you about today! I love BENGAY! BENGAY is my friend to my pain! I have mentioned many times before that I have daily pain due to a roll over car accident so I love anything that will help my pains feel better throughtout the day! BENGAY has recenty come out with a new product that is called BENGAY® PAIN RELIEF + MASSAGE to help make your sore muscles feel better! This product is great for when you are hitting the slopes, ice skating, or snowshoeing during these winter months. This product is also great for all the time when you have those painful muscles that need some pain relief!

ABOUT BENGAY PAIN RELIEF + MASSAGE (from the press release)

"Powerful pain relieving gel combined with a no mess massaging applicator to target pain head-on."

The makers of BENGAY®, the original topical analgesic balm created more than 100 years ago, introduce BENGAY® Pain Relief + Massage, a specially designed massaging applicator combined with the brand’s powerful pain relieving formula that provides a targeted, no mess way to directly treat sore and tender areas of the body.

Based on current research, BENGAY® Pain Relief + Massage was developed to leverage findings which state massage is one of the most preferred methods to relieve pain. As a means to continuously pursue innovative ways to bring safe, effective relief to sufferers, BENGAY® Pain Relief + Massage contains a twist turn cap with unique massaging nubs allowing for the targeted aid of a massage plus the deep penetrating power of BENGAY® for ultimate relief—all without getting your hands messy!

Designed with a vanishing scent formula, BENGAY® Pain Relief + Massage allows pain relief to be direct and discreet – meaning living ache free now comes with no mess, no fuss and no lingering smell.


- Uniquely designed applicator nubs to massage in the powerful relief of Bengay® gel

- The legendary pain relieving power of BENGAY® gels

- No mess, twist turn cap that allows you to control the product flow

- A vanishing scent that disappears in minutes, making it preferable for daytime use


     I had the great opportunity to test out the BENGAY® PAIN RELIEF + MASSAGE! I must say that I was very impressed with this product! No more greasy feeling when rubbing on BENGAY! This product is great because it is mess free, basically scent free (after applied on), and easy to use! I loved that I could put this product on me and within a minute I could not smell a strong scent on me. No one will ever know that you have BENGAY PAIN RELIEF + MASSAGE on while you are using this product.

     I tried this product one night when I had a headache. I had a bad headache with pain into my neck and shoulders. I had Paul use this applicator to put the BENGAY gel on my shoulders and neck. The massage feature feels really good when applying the BENGAY gel. I was impressed that I was able to relax and fall asleep even with the BENGAY gel on. The next morning my pains were gone and my headache was gone. I felt alot better after using this product. I was very impressed with this product.

     I was also having pain today near my shoulder blade so I put this BENGAY gel on my pain areas and I can tell you it has lessened my pains. This is a product that I am going to turn to when I have my annoying pains! I love this product! It has worked for me!

I recommend this product to you!

Visit BENGAY to learn more about their products!


BENGAY® Pain Relief + Massage is available at nationwide drug, food, and mass market chain stores for approximately $7.79. Available size: 3 oz. tube

I received a review product in order to write a honest review. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thanks to BENGAY for letting me review their great product!

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