Aloha Friday and Friendly Friday!

12:14 AM

     It's Aloha Friday at An Island Life today! Please visit her to learn more about Aloha Friday! You basically ask a question and leave a simple answer!

     I just want to thank everyone for stopping by my blog!

     My Question:  What is your favorite kind of pie? Do you love pie?

     My Answer: My favorite kind of pie of all time was Boston Cream Pie from Marie Callendar's. I was very bummed when they stopped selling that! I use to have that pie on my birthday for years because it was my favorite and I liked it far better than cakes! I'm trying to find a new favorite now! I think my next in line favorite pie would be a chocolate satin pie!

     I also linked up my blog for my first time at a new event called Friendly Friday where you can find new blogs. Visit Thanks, Mail Carrier if you are interested to join!


I'm also joining in on the first time ever at Toddler Awesome! If you'd like to join then visit Toddler Awesome!

Have a great Friday everyone!


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