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10:23 AM

     I recently had a great experience with and I wanted to share with you the great product and service I received from them. I was lucky to win 500 business cards from a give away I entered on another give away blog site.

     I was happy to win some business cards so I could order business cards for Paul. Paul's real estate business in Utah is something that relies on business cards. I'm not sure how great Paul's business would be without business cards that he passes out to his clients and anyone else he comes in contact with on a daily basis. I believe business cards are essential for any business!

Our Experience with!

     We already had a design for a business card created so I sent the file through e-mail to I received an e-mail immediately back telling me their concern about the design and making sure that I wanted to proceed with the printing. I agreed for them to proceed with the printing! was fast, friendly, and prompt with their service that I was very impressed with the service I received from I was very surprised and impressed beyond words when I received my business cards less than a week later. Their printing and shipping was amazing!

     I was also very happy and impressed with the printing job. The business card printing came out clear and exactly how the file looked. The business cards were top quality and printed exactly how I pictured them! I received the business cards with a uv/glossy finish that turned out great! I love the effect of the uv/glossy finish. I think the glossy finish brings out more excitement to Paul's business card. I also am impressed with the glossy finish because if water drops onto the business cards you can wipe the water right off without it ruining the business cards. I tested it out by putting drops of water onto a business card. The drops stayed onto the business card and did not seep into the business card at all. I got a towel and wiped the water right off and there was no damage to the business cards. I definitely would recommend the glossy finish to anyone especially because of that!

I recommend to you if you are in need of some top quality business cards all at a great price! I definitely will go to when we are in need of more business cards!

You can also find other products at that include: magnetic business cards, postcards, self inking stamps, bookmarks, door hangers, envelopes, and more!

Visit for all of your business card needs!

I received free business cards that I won in order to write this review. All opinions are solely mine. Others may have different opinions. Many thanks to for letting me review your business cards!


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