Holiday Gift Guide- Street Surfing Wave 360 Review

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          I'm happy to tell you about Street Surfing today! Street Surfing is gearing up for the 2011 holiday season with several exciting products perfect for the entire family and an online Holiday Wish List. Street Surfing created the first casterboard in 2005 which was named, "The Wave". Street Surfing is also the first company to create the very first caster scooter, The Whiplash. These products are created with the elements of skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. Born in California, but ridden everywhere!


(from their website)

"Building upon the concept of the original “Wave,” the revolutionary design of the Wave 360 provides the most versatile range of motion of any casterboard ever. The Wave 360 is the world’s first casterboard featuring 360 degree dual-directional technology on a traditional ABS board. Riders are able to perform a range of 360 and 180 degree spins that are the basis for new tricks. The lightweight design improves board speed and trick capabilities, while the overall riding experience is greatly enhanced. The Wave 360 takes board riding to the next level and provides adrenaline charged riders with a high-energy challenge."


     We had the great opportunity to review The Wave 360! The Wave 360 was sent to us super fast! We are very impressed with The Wave 360. The Wave 360 is fun to ride on and gives the ability to do many different tricks!

     I will admit that when I got onto The Wave 360, it was tricky to stay on it. It scared me at first because I have never tried anything like this product before. With much practice and tries it was easy to get the hang of it! Paul also had a struggle at first and it was hard to balance on the board. It gets easier with more practice and it is really a fun board to ride on! The 360 spins are amazing and fun!

      The Wave 360 offers:

  • Unlimited spins with the dual direction caster
  • Back and forth riding with the twin deck design
  • Tricks and stunts with the lightweight material
  • Perform 360 spins unlike any other board
     I would most definitely recommend anyone who tries this product to wear a helmet and protective gear, as does Street Surfing, for safety reasons!

This is the perfect holiday gift idea for the child or teenager in your life that are the age of 8+! It will guarantee them a fun time with a bunch of thrills!

We recommend this product to you!


You can purchase The Wave 360 for $79.99!

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You can also find other fabulous products at Street Surfing like the Whiplash & Whiplash Pink & the Wave GLX. Visit to see all the fun products they have that are perfect for holiday or birthday gifts!

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 I received a review product in order to write a honest review. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thank to Street Surfing for letting me review their great product. 

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