Mr. Chewy Website Review: Pet Food, Pet Treats, Cat Litter, Pet Supplies Delivered Right To Your Door!

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     Mr. Chewy is the online place to go to order pet food, pet treats, cat litter, pet supplies and much more! Mr. Chewy is the place to go to order your animals shopping list from the comfort of your own home.  No more going to the store when you run out of food for your animals! No more carrying heavy pet food bags! Mr. Chewy offers 70+ brands of pet food & other pet supplies and delivers it conveniently to their customer's door.

     I really like Mr. Chewy because I have shoulder pains and I'm not able to go to the store to shop for my animals. Carrying and lifting litter for my cats, and animal food hurts my body. I'm glad that, I know, that I can count on Mr. Chewy to ship my animals necessities right to the door! 

     Shipping at Mr. Chewy is amazing! I ordered my shipment during a weekend and I received my package within just a few days! The package was packaged safely.

      I was able to order a variety of pet items from Mr. Chewy for my four animals! The Mr. Chewy website was easy to navigate. The categories include: cat treats, cat food, dog food, dog treats, potty pads, cat litter, fleas & ticks, and shop all brands! I was able to find all of my pets favorites at Mr. Chewy and I was also able to find my pets some new favorites that I haven't purchased before. 

     My cats love Fancy Feast wet food! My cats receive this as a big treat! I'm so glad that Mr. Chewy carries Fancy Feast food! Mr. Chewy also offers a huge variety of other wet food for cats. Mr. Chewy carries different brands and flavors so there's a wet food for every cat out there. Mr. Chewy also offers a wide variety of dry cat food.

     I love giving Lucky dental treats to help clean his teeth and freshen up his breath a bit. Lucky jumps for joy begging for these treats whenever I pull them out! I received the Pedigree Dentastix and the Greenies Dental Treats For Dogs. Lucky enjoyed both brands. He loves chewing on them and I love that the dental treats help his teeth to become healthier. I love that the Greenies Dental Treats have a resealable package keeping the treats fresh longer. The bag came with 20 dental treats inside. The Pedigree Dentastix does not have the feature to reseal the package, which I wish it had. The bag came with 10 dental treats.

     I also received Feline Greenies brand of cat dental treats. I received the tuna flavor and the chicken flavor. I have never given this brand to my cats before. My two cats loved these crunchy treats. The Greenies cat treats are resealable and keep the treats fresh. I don't give my Rocky cat crunchy treats because his canine teeth are broken and I don't want them to get worse so he only receives soft treats.

    I found a chicken breast jerky treat for Lucky, my dog. The brand is Dogswell. This treat caught my eyes because this treat is a healthy choice and contains flaxseed and vitamins. The package says these treats help maintain eyes, coat, and skin. Lucky has had some skin sores called hot spots before so maybe this will help the sores, before they start. Lucky also has a start of cloudy eyes so I'm hoping this treat will help Lucky's eyes so they don't get worse. Lucky loves this treat and loves to scarf down the chicken breast jerky super fast!

     Mr. Chewy has great prices that are very reasonable and are cheaper than pet store prices. I also love the fact that Mr. Chewy offers FREE shipping on orders over $49. When checking out, the option is given to schedule another shipping date to purchase and receive the same products so you never run out of food again! Awesome!

     Mr. Chewy offers a Refer Your Friends Donation Program!  Refer friends and have them receive 10% off their first order. Mr Chewy will then donate $10 to a partner charity that you choose! I love companies that give back!

     I had a fabulous experience with Mr. Chewy! Mr. Chewy has great customer service, friendly service, amazing shipping, a great website, awesome products that my animals LOVE, and are just a fantastic online store that everyone who has pets should visit! I definitely recommend this company to you!!!

     Visit to see all the wonderful pet products they have to offer.

     Stay updated with Mr. Chewy by liking Mr. Chewy on Facebook!

Thank you Mr. Chewy for making my animals excited & happy!

I received a review product in order to write a honest review. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thank to Mr. Chewy for letting me review their great company. 

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