Topricin Pain Relief & Healing Creams Essential For Mom's First Aid Prize Pack Review & Giveaway

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     Topricin is a company that offers great healing creams that help relieve pain safely with no side effects! Topricin offers creams for adults, children, and they also offer creams that help foot and ankle pains. Topricin is not your ordinary pain cream! Topricin is much better because it not only rapidly takes pain away, but it also helps the body heal the damage that is causing the pain. Let's just call it a miracle cream!

    Great features of the Topricin creams include:

- Creams are natural
- Creams are Safe
- Odor Free
- Moisturizing
- Safe for Diabetics
- Paraben and Petroleum-free
- Safe for children, pregnant, and nursing women (always consult with your doctor)
- No Side Effects
- Will not effect any other medications you may be taking

Topricin Junior
Specially formulated for children's injuries:

- Bumps, Bruises, Bug Bites
- Muscle Spasms, Leg Cramps, Growing Pains
- Sport and Falling Injuries
- Sprains, Strains, Minor Burns
- Neck and Shoulder Pain, Skin Irritations

     "Winner of the Parent Tested/Parent Approved (PTPA™) Seal of Approval, and designated a Trusted Partner with Healthy Child Healthy World in its continued effort to empower parents in creating healthier, safer environments for children, Topricin Junior is a safe, natural alternative to over-the-counter chemical-based pain pills which can have dangerous side affects. And parents can feel good knowing that Topical BioMedics, makers of Topricin Junior, donate 5% of all sales to pediatric cancer care."

Specially formulated for adult injuries and pains:

- Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Joint Pain
- Repetitive Motion and Trauma Injuries
- Shoulder and Lower Back Pain, Muscle Cramps
- Bruise, Strains, Post Surgical Pain

Topricin Foot Therapy Cream 
Specially formulated for foot and ankle pain:

- Burning Nerve Pain
- Heel Spurs, Bunions, Gout
- Sports injuries: Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fascitis, Shin Splints, Sprains



     I have had a great time learning about the Topricin products. The products are so amazing to read about! I was happy to receive 3 products from Topricin to try out which included the Topricin for adults 2 oz., Topricin Junior 1.5 oz., and Topricin Foot Therapy Cream 2 oz. 

     I love, love, love that the Topricin products are non-greasy, rubs onto skin easily, and is odorless! The Topricin products also come in a convenient size so you can always have this pain cream on hand in your purse, bag, or store it in your medicine cabinent, drawer, or glove compartment.

     I have dealt with severe pain for 8 years since I was in a roll over car accident. I have tried just about every method there is to try to relieve pain with many methods not helping me. I was happy to try out Topricin to see what it could do for my pain. I was happy after trying Topricin out because this is the first product that has really helped take away my pain instead of cover up the pain until the product wears off. 

     I put Topricin to the test when I had severe neck pain that was causing my head to hurt extremely bad. I felt as if my muscles in my shoulders and neck were really tight causing this pain. I rubbed Topricin onto my shoulders and neck. Within minutes, my pain diminished and I felt so much better. I have struggled with this kind of pain for a long time and usually I just have to wait the pain out because nothing will help my pain. I was so happy that Topricin actually made me feel better and I could feel my pain leave! I have also tried this several times when I have had this pain and it has helped it go away each time. I woke up with a headache today and I put the Topricin on my neck and shoulders. It worked again to take away my pain and headache! Topricin will be my "go to product" now when I have my headaches, shoulder pains, and neck pains!

     I have also struggled with fibromyalgia pains and I was happy to learn that Topricin received a patent in spring of 2010 for the treatment of pain which is associated with fibromyalgia. I have never known of a product that you can buy at a store without a prescription that will help relieve and heal fibromyalgia pain. This is the first pain relief product that I have ever heard of to help fibromyalgia pain so I am really impressed with Topricin for many reasons including this reason.

     I also had a chance to try out the Foot Therapy Cream. I have been going to appointments to help strengthen muscles throughout my body and to help balance my muscles out. My doctor guy has been working on my ankles and working them out with exercises. I have had aching ankles for awhile while exercising my ankles to strengthen them and to be honest nothing would help the ache for that pain. I wish I would have known about the Topricin Foot Therapy Cream sooner because I know it would have helped my pain out. I did have some ankle pain again after one workout and I tried the Foot Therapy Cream on my ankles. The pain did subside and I no longer have the ache in my ankle. The pain hasn't come back since using Topricin Foot Therapy Cream so I've been impressed with the Foot Therapy Cream. I'm happy to have this product on hand for when I do have foot pain because it's hard to find a product that will help relieve and help heal foot pain!

     I was unable to try out the Topricin Junior on a child, but I can only imagine how wonderful it would be for any child dealing with pain! The other Topricin products have been amazing and I'm sure the Topricin Junior is just as amazing! Topricin Junior is recommended by pediatricians. The Topricin Junior is a great product that should be in every mom's first aid kit! Topricin Junior comes in a great handy size that you can fit in a medicine cabinet, purse, glove compartment, first aid kit, or sports bag.

     Be sure to check out Topricin’s ‘Boo Boos Happen’ first aid kit that is newly available. This kit includes: a tube of Topricin Junior and ‘Ouchies’ self adhesive bandages that kids can decorate themselves, creating a design with the markers that are included. The handy zippered blue bag is perfect for tucking in other essentials and is recyclable. This is a must have for moms! 

     I am a big believer in Topricin products and I'll definitely be keeping Topricin products on hand for when those pains creep up on my family. I love the fact that Topricin not only takes pain away, but it also helps heal the pain at the same time. This to me, is like a miracle cream!

    There has been a buzz going on about Topricin products and they have been featured on t.v on the Rachael Ray Show and also in magazines like Woman's World. There really is a buzz about Topricin products! Visit Topricin today and see what all the buzz is about!


     You can purchase the Topricin homeopathic medicines at pharmacies, natural food stores, and other retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, Fred Meyer, Wegmans, as well as directly from Topical BioMedics.


Topricin has graciously offered a tri-pack of the Topricin products like I received for your first aid kit. ARV $50!

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Open to US Residents 

I received a review product in order to write a honest review. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thanks to Topricin for letting me review and giveaway their product. 

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