How To Add Subscribe By E-Mail to Your Blog & Come Subscribe For Extra Entries

2:07 PM

     Please tell me that I'm not the only one who had a hard time figuring out how to add subscribe by e-mail to my site! I have almost been hosting giveaways for a year now and I could never figure out how to do that!

     Today, I was determined to figure out how to add subscribe by e-mail to my site! I did it too! Thanks to Blogger Tricks, it was a super easy process for me! I was lucky to find this great post when googling how to add subscribe by e-mail to your site!

     Visit Blogger Tricks today to learn how to add subscribe by e-mail to your site! I wish I would have come across this post when I was a newbie to blogging!

     I am also letting you add 3 extra entries to all of my giveaways if you sign up to receive free e-mails! You will find how to subscribe by e-mail to my site located at the top right sidebar! Make sure you activate the subscriptions and make sure you add those extra entries into the current giveaways! There are so many great giveaways going on right now so it'll help better your chance to win! I have many more great giveaways coming soon too! Sign up for e-mails so you can get updated on when they are posted!

     Thank you so much! Have a beautiful day!

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