Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sending Birthday Smiles with 1-800-Flowers!

     I just recently found out something new to me! October is the month with the most birthdays! October 5th is actually America’s Most Common Birthday ! I bet you didn't know that either!

     1-800-Flowers has some great flowers and birthday flower cake arrangements that you can send to your loved ones to send birthday smiles! I know an arrangement for my birthday would make me smile big!

Visit 1-800-Flowers to learn more about Birthday Smiles and to see how 1-800-Flowers will be celebrating birthdays in your area!

Twitter- @1800flowers
Facebook- 1800Flowers

Stay tuned for an upcoming review and giveaway for 1-800-Flowers right here on my site!

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Melissa said...

i didnt know oct. 5 is america's most common birthday!
although it is 4 of my friends birthdays!
I always remember those 4 friends birthdays too, because mine is the 10th!

Mindi said...

I believe it's true. Both of my kids birthdays are in October! My daughter's is the 8th and my son's is the 22nd. My dad has the same birthday as my son and my sister's birthday is the 1rst. There are also 3 other(cousins)birthdays we buy for in October!

blueviolet said...

I love this idea! I never connected b-days to flowers before this campaign!