6 Germy Places To Clean!

2:10 PM

6  Germy Places To Clean:

1. Lotion and soap containers- Dirty hands reach for soap and lotion often so make sure you keep on cleaning them!

2. Light Switches and Doorknobs- Think of how often you use them. All those fingerprints are proof that germs are lurking.

3. Kitchen Appliance- Germs gather on dishwasher handles,  and dozen other buttons and switches on appliances.

4. Electronics Controls- The TV Remote, Radio/Cd player, and dvd player. Give them all a good wipe down.

5. Bathrooms Doors and Knobs- The bathroom faucets and toilet flusher are some of the most touched places in the house. Wipe them clean daily!

6. Car Door & Controls- The outer and inner door handles, steering wheel, and radio controls need attention too!

I think most of us know these things, but sometimes we forget! Make sure you wipe down all these things to stay healthier! Any other ideas you want to share that aren't listed here?

Thanks for reading!

This post idea came from an article out of Woman's Day February Edition!

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