Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Check Your Junk Mail!

I just want to stress to my readers to check your spam folders/junk mail to check for winning e-mails everyday! Not just for my e-mails, but for all the e-mails you may get that are a winning e-mail! I get many winning e-mails that go to my junk. I actually have more go to my junk than my regular e-mail!

With the upcoming fun giveaways on my blog, I just wanted everyone to make sure you check your junk e-mail because you won't want to miss out!

Just a friendly reminder!

I linked this to Works For Me Wednesday! Check it out HERE and see what it's  all about!
Thanks for the idea, Lisa!


Lisa said...

That really is a good hint!! You should link that up this post to Works for me Wednesday over at Kristen's We are THAT Family.
Really, you are right. I have found those notices in the junk mail.