Valentine's Day Event: Magnogrip Magnetic Tool Wristband Review

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I was very happy to run into this online store called Vat19! They sell such clever things that are unique and unsual ! They have such a creative imagination to sell all the fun things that they do!

The Vat19 "Killer Philosophy" from Vat19 Website!

"Our killer philosophy is to present killer products with killer photography, killer video, and killer descriptions. Maybe that's overkill.
In all seriousness, we believe shopping should be entertaining and fun. Products should be presented beautifully, be it in still pictures, video, or, in our case, bad writing. We learned a long time ago that if all else fails, employ self-deprecation before others can deprecate you."

I loved looking through the many, many items at Vat19. I spent so much time there reading about many of the products! You will be very entertained searching for a wonderful gift at Vat19. They have something you can find for everyone! They have a wide price range as well so you will definitely find something that meets your budget! You will definitely find something for your loved one that they won't already have!

Here are a few of my favorite items from Vat19:

Mini Tape Gun-  This tape gun holds regular sized scotch tape. It comes in blue, cyan, green, and purple!

Fire Bell Alarm-  This is a very LOUD alarm clock that is great for the person in your life that has a hard time waking up!

Fogless Shower Mirror- This fogless mirror is great for the man in your life to see their face while they shave to get a close and comfortable shave. The steam and humidity make it the most ideal place for a man to shave! It also has a clock on it!


Hot Heads Silicone Pot Holders-  These pot holders are great and can withstand extreme temperature! They will also entertain your guests! You can also use them to open jars!

Tuffo Outdoor Waterproof Picnic Blanket- This blanket is a stylish picnic blanket that features a rugged nylon backing so you won't get wet on a damp lawn. It also includes a carrying bag that has storage pockets on it!

Vat 19 was kind enough to send me a Magnogrip Magnetic Tool Wristband to review! The Wristband is where you can have this on your wrist while you are working on projects like hanging pictures up, putting up a curtain rod, and I even found that it is useful to hold pins while quilting. You will not have to search for your nails or pins any longer. You can have them right handy when you need them! Instead of having a large, heavy tool belt, try out the Magnogrip Magnetic Tool Wristband! You will be glad that you did!

I must say I was extremely happy with the Magnogrip! The first thing I tried out was the magnet! I must say it's the strongest magnet that I have ever come across. I hung it to our fridge to test out the magnet power and it took alot of strength to pull it off of the fridge! I was happy to see that because that showed for sure that the nails would not fall off of it! They stayed securely to the Magnogrip! The Magnogrip fits several nails of any size on it! It is very light weight and comfortable so you will hardly notice it is there! It definitely won't get in the way of your work! It also fits my wrist and Paul's wrist so you know it will fit everyone's wrist! When I am quilting, I am always searching for my pins. They never seem to be around me at the time I need them. I am excited to have the Magnogrip because I will always be able to have them right there when I need them!

The Magnogrip is great for the man in your life that loves to do construction projects at home! The Magnogrip would also be a fun gift for a person who sews in your life!

The Magnogrip Magnetic Tool Wristband sells for $15.95

Learn more about this product by watching this fun video!

Remember this Valentine's Day to head over to Vat19 and find the special person in your life a Valentine's Day gift! They will be sure to love it!

Vat19 offers same day shipping via UPS! They also have free shipping when your purchase is over $99! You will be happy to know that Vat19 also ships internationally!

I received a free product from Vat19 to write the review on the Magnogrip Magnetic Tool Wristband! I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this review! These opinions are solely my own and others may have different opinions! Thank you Vat19 for letting me do a review!

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