Acu-Life Therapod Review

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Have you ever heard of the Acu-Life Therapod? I had never heard of this product until I saw it on another blog! I am so happy that I came across it because it is a great healing tool!

I have chronic pain from a roll over car accident I was in some years ago. I have pain on a daily basis, where some days it's better than others, but alot of the time it's severe. I am always using homemade hotpads to put on my shoulders and neck. It is something I live with just to make my pains feel somewhat better for the moment!

When I received the Therapod I was impressed the moment I pulled it out of the box! I have never seen a product like this before! It's so clever to be able to use this for heat or cold.

About Therapod

Therapod combines moist heat and cold therapy to treat all stages of the healing process.

Moist Heat Therapy helps relax stiffness, improve flexibility and relieve pain. Use for sore muscles, joints, and arthritis. You put the Therapod in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds for Moist Heat Therapy. It is ready to use after that!

Cold Compress Therapy helps treat swelling and inflammation, relieve pain and speed recovery. Use for sprains, bumps, bruises and headaches.  The Therapod for Cool Therapy you put in the freezer for 3 hrs. and then it's ready to use.

I love the fact that when I put it on my shoulder it covered the whole shoulder evenly! When I use a homemade hotpad, the area where I need the heat the most is left out because there's not enough filling inside the heat pad.  This was really a plus for me! I really like the fact that it has a strap so you can strap it on where ever you may need to apply it also!

Have you ever seen someone have a sprained ankle and they struggle with keeping the ice on their ankle? I have seen that many times! With the Therapod, that will never happen because of the Hands Free Strap!!

I also was able to use the Cold Therapy. I have headaches many times a week so the Cold Therapy comes in handy. I had a migraine this past weekend so I used the Cold Therapy. I loved that it was not super cold on my neck like regular ice packs are. I usually have to put a towel over a regular ice pack to put it on my neck. The Therapod made the Cold Therapy a right temperature that was not extra cold! The ice always feels good when I have  headaches so I will always use the Therapod now when I have a headache!

I definitely would recommend this to anyone that has chronic pain to help out pains or to anyone that is prone to sprain ankles, headaches, or whatever else it may be! I think anything that can help you feel better in the moment of pain is wonderful!

The Therapod Retails for $12.99

Please check out Health Enterprises for more information!

*I received a Therapod in order for me to do an honest review. I did not get monetary compensation for writing this review. All opinions are mine and others may have different opinions! *

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