Meet One Of My Best Friend's In This World!

9:29 PM

    Meet one of my best friend's in this world! I was blessed to receive my cat Rocky for Christmas 2004! He was a little guy back then at about 9 months old! Paul gave me Rocky as a get better present. At that time I was going through alot of pain and therapy from a car accident so Paul thought Rocky would help me feel better! :)   It surely did lift my spirits so he was a GREAT present!

Rocky is also known as my shadow! Wherever I go...he goes. I go upstairs and then he's right behind me following me! I go downstairs then he's right behind me. I sit down to the computer then he's right there jumping on my lap. I sit down to quilt then he's right there up on my lap.  We even play hide and seek. I will go hide and he'll come find me and meow like he's saying "where are you" when he can't find me. It's cute because when he finds me he is excited and purrs! Rocky is definitely not a typical cat that sleeps all day and keeps to himself!!

I'm blessed to have Rocky in my life because he has truly made me happier and has helped me in my life! It's amazing how animals can lift your spirits!

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