Neosporin Daily Hydration Therapy Review

12:02 PM

I have never had such bad lips before until this winter. I have no idea what has happened to them, but they are always so chapped. I guess alot of it is because I bite my lips when I'm nervous or stressed. It's a bad habit I have. I have also had several times where they are so cracked that they bleed pretty badly. This week my lips hurt so bad where I couldn't smile and I could barely talk without it hurting. They were also bleeding. I kept trying to use regular chapstick thinking that'd cure my problem, but my problem needed some more help. Paul was nice enough to go to the store for me and he brought me home some Neosporin Daily Hydration Therapy. I had no idea this was a new product of Neosporin!

Here's some info about the Neosporin Daily Hydration Therapy!

NEOSPORIN® LIP HEALTH™ daily hydration therapy is clinically proven to restore visibly healthier lips in 3 days.

Product Essentials

A patented combination of antioxidants and essential lipids

SPF 20 to protect against sunburn

Peptide and emollients to help strengthen lips

Glycerin to attract and retain lip moisture

Lightweight formula absorbs quickly

No parabens or other preservatives

No artificial flavors

The results

I quickly put the Neosporin on my lips and within a few minutes my lips were free from pain literally! I was so amazed since they had hurt so bad! The Neosporin was creamy and not oily to the lips. It went on smoothly and you only need a very small amount for it to cover over your lips! It did not have a taste to it at all and I was very impressed with that! I don't like when it has a medicine taste to it so I'm glad that it didn't! Within, the next day my cracked bleeding lip sores turned into scabs. I could not believe that it was already healing so fast by the next day! I am so thankful to have pain free lips now that have healed! I will keep on using this to prevent my lips from this problem I have.

I highly recommend this product to you!!

Neosporin also has a new overnight renewal therapy that is clinically proven  to restore visibly healthier lips in 3 nights. I have not tried this product out yet!

To learn more about these products visit HERE

You want to try it yourself? I just found where you can fill out some information for a coupon ! Visit HERE

* I did not receive a product for this review. I simply tried this product out myself and enjoyed it so I want my readers to know about it. These are my own opinions and others may have different oppinions!*


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