Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Shara!

     This post is on my beautiful friend, Shara! Shara was a remarkable person who was upbeat, cheery, and very energetic! Shara was my great friend where we met by fate, for reals! We never were able to meet each other in person, but our letters and e-mails were more than those meetings in person! We were like sisters from a far!

     My friend, Shara passed away at the age of 20 in 2006. She fell asleep at the wheel of her car and never made it home late one night! She had visited her boyfriend over a hour away that day and decided to leave for home past 12 AM. Her car veered into oncoming traffic on a freeway. 2 cars hit into her and she was killed instantly.

    I remember finding out about Shara and I was just heart broken. I couldn't believe that she was gone! I had a message for me to call her dad on Myspace, but I had no clue why. I was just hoping Shara was okay. Before I even called her dad, I checked her Myspace and with dismay I read messages that already said "We miss you. RIP." My heart literally sank.

    I knew without a doubt I needed to be at her funeral! I hurried and got plane tickets to Missouri and flew there for her funeral. Paul was nice and came along. I was thankful for his support!

    I just wanted to raise awareness by writing this post about drowsy driving! I know many times people are tired and think they can drive! Don't let yourself or family be one of the statistics of deaths by drowsy driving!

    I miss Shara everyday! I miss the fun messages that would always be awaiting for me. I miss the friend I confided in! I miss the friend that was there for me no matter what. I miss the friend that listened to me on a daily basis. I miss the long stories my friend would write to me about what happened that day. I miss the questions my friend would ask me! I miss my friend!


Happy Birthday, Shara! You are never forgotten and always loved!

A Tribute Video Shara's Family Made

A Tribute to Shara

A-Rod | MySpace Video


Kiera said...

That's really sad. My best friend in prek and kindergartens dad fell asleep at the wheel, too and was killed. Such tragedy!

ejrichter60 at gmail dot com said...

THAT was really hard to watch, but what a precious and happy kid she looked to be. Of course i am a mom so all I could think was what her mom must have gone through. Obviously, the family and she was very
spiritual and Christian and KNOWS they will meet again.
The picture I loved most was in the blue sweater at about age 4 or 5 and she had just the most amazing dimples upon dimples! (Just like my baby girl who is now 10).

I am so sorry you lost such a treasured friend...but it is not the end Natalie! It is just so hard for us HERE when someone goes HOME. You were very lucky to meet each other and share what wonderful times you did...too bad it couldnt have been for another 40 years or so...

THANKS for sharing this...I have older kids that drive drowsy sometimes. At that age you never think it will happen to you.
I also lost a classmate to this many years ago and is such a shock not to be able to say goodbye in person...but you know she heard you in spirit!

Peace & love to you on this day...

Nichol said...

What a nice tribute to your young.

sweetpea08 said...

So sad. It's good to get awareness out there...driving drowsy is just as bad as driving drunk! Sorry about your loss.

This Little Family said...

Aww, how sad. I'm sorry for your loss!