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   MagnaPods is a great company that helps organize your medicine cabinet! It also, can help store your pens on your fridge next to your shopping list, and it can hang in your child's locker! You can be creative with this product which I love! I'm glad to find this product because honestly, my bathroom was not organized well at all until I received my MagnaPod products! I have spent so much time searching for my tweezers and fingernail clippers because they are smaller than other items that are in my bathroom drawer! It will only take 1 second to grab now that I have a MagnaPods organizer! The organizer will help save me alot of time searching for my items! I love my MagnaPods!

The MagnaPods Story

"It's said that the best ideas are right in front of you, just waiting to be imagined!

   There I was every morning, opening the medicine cabinet to tweeze a little, QTip my ears, brush my teeth and put on my makeup. A big empty unutilized white sheet of inspiration!. All this beautiful crap overrunning my cabinet, it's in a mess, it falls out of the cabinet and I can't find anything. I think about this everyday for years, every time I open that medicine cabinet door.

   Then corporate reality hits our family hard with a layoff. Now that's real inspiration! Time to reflect and think, "What are we going to do?". Nerve-wracking at first, but on the bright side, liberating, I'm free to do what I want! Hey what about that idea I've been thinking about for years. It's time to finally do it. Build my organizing products and build a company with a line of MagnaPods Organizers."

   These organizers are great because you can fit many different items into them! They even have dividers that can be taken out to put bigger items into them! I put tweezers, fingernail clippers, Q-tips, razor, mascara, lipstick and eye liner into mine! I even fit a hair pick into my organizer! I have all my important products in one place which comes in handy! The organizers retail from $7.99 to $9.99.

    MagnaPods also sells a Tooth Brush Holder! I love my pink tooth brush holder! It fits conveniently into my medicine cabinet and it's away from the many germs that toothbrushes can get from being out in the open! They have 4 different colors to choose from which are: pink, green, blue and purple. It's great that they have different colors of tooth brush holders to help separate the tooth brushes in your family! You can give one person a certain color and have them always use that tooth brush holder! The tooth brush holder retails for $2.99.


   I really love the MagnaPods organization products that I received! It has made things easier for me in finding my products I use! The MagnaPods have an extremely strong magnetic on the back of them. You have to use alot of strength to get it off of the cabinet so you know for sure it will never fall off the cabinet once you put items into your organizers! I love that they also have inserts in them so you can decide if you want the inserts in or if you want them out to add wider items into them! The products fit perfectly in the medicine cabinet in different places where you don't have bulky items in the cabinet! I also love that the MagnaPods are such reasonable prices!

   I definitely recommend the MagnaPods company to you! You will love how well the product works and how it will help you organize your bathroom better!

I definitely will be buying from them again!


Visit MagnaPods and order their products!


Thanks to MagnaPods, one lucky winner will win a MagnaPods Magnetic Organizer and a Tooth Brush Holder


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I received a product from MagnaPods in order to do a honest review. All opinions are solely mine and others may have different opinions! I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post! Many thanks to MagnaPods for letting me do a review and giveaway on my blog!

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