Friend Makin' Monday

12:48 PM

It is Friend Makin' Monday at aefilkins! If you'd like to join in the fun then come along and have some fun! Visit aefilkins to learn more!


I am...very tired because I didn't get good sleep last night.

I think....I'm going to visit my mom and grandpa tomorrow.

I in bed, but I'm typing this up!

I dream....that Paul will be successful at a new job!

I want... happiness and I strive for happiness

I know...I have a million of other things I should be doing instead of being on the computer.

I don't like....seafood!

I smell...nothing at the moment

I hear....birds chirping which means springtime is coming!!

I fear....being in the car and being in another car accident.

I usually...go to bed late.

I search...for misplaced things all the time.

I fun messages from my friend that passed away!

I always...turn off the lights when I'm not in a room! It's a habit and a good one for me!

I regret....not having more fun in my high school days!

I wonder....what I'll get in the mail today! Bills or fun mail?!?!

I crave....chocolate chip cookies that are freshly baked right out of the oven.

I remember...the day Paul and I got married a little over year ago! It was a great day!

I clean my house!

I forget.... so many things that I should start writing things down more!

I feel....happy!

I can.... make quilt blocks.

I can't....make everyone happy all the time! It's not possible!

I am happy....that I have such great pets!

I mind when my computer isn't working properly which sadly is alot! :)

I sing....not very well at all!

I alot of different kinds of music!

I Kroger's and Walmart!

I eat....alot of mashed potatoes! Yum!

I love... my family, friend's, and pets!!

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