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Sweets Perfume is a great online store that has many different types of yummy fragrances that are great for every personality and occassion! Sweets Perfume has become my favorite perfume store and I'm so glad that I was able to review many of the fragrances they have! I think Sweets Perfume is a company you will fall in love with too!

(from the Sweets Perfume Website)

"Sweets Perfume is a subsidiary of the Sweetly You Bath & Body Company. Sweetly You was established in 2008 with the goal to make quality bath and body products which help our customers feel like they can truly be themselves. With hundreds of unique fragrances created for our bath and body products, we receive many requests to make the fragrances themselves available as perfumes. 

We personally have been frustrated by the lack for perfumes on the market tailored to the sweeter side. It was just too hard to find a perfume to match a sweeter personality unless you wanted to rub candles all over yourself each morning. Sweets Perfume has created hundreds of fragrances in all categories, including: sweet, floral, refreshing, etc. We even have a men's line. With so many delightful fragrances, you’re sure to find one or more that is just right for you.

One of the questions asked of us is why did you take so long to introduce a perfume line? It is something that has always been on our minds, but was not sure the best way to do so. The Sweetly You philosophy has been to not add anything to our products that don't contribute in some way. Virtually all perfumes are diluted in denatured alcohol, which is not in keeping with our philosophy. Denatured alcohol is predominantly ethanol with a number of other additives designed to make the ethanol undrinkable. Not only are the additives all considered hazardous to one's health, the denatured alcohol is the primary cause of sensitivity to perfumes, not the fragrance oil. In addition, because of the irritation the alcohol causes on the skin, it promotes the development of allergies to the fragrance itself in those with a tendency to develop allergies. The list of reasons not to use ethanol can go on for a while, so what is the reason ethanol is used? Predominantly to dilute the fragrance oil so that the consumer needs to use more and the fragrance is not stable as long (shelf life of 1 year rather than many years). It also makes it less expensive to manufacture, but those costs typically don't translate to the consumer.

After long deliberations, we finally decided the easy solution to our dilema was to offer pure oil fragrances. Our fragrances offer the consumer the highest possible quality fragrance without colorings or other additives. In addition, because there is not alcohol in our products, our perfumes can be shipped by air mail making it possible for us to ship international and for domestic clients to get their packages faster."

I was able to choose 10 different fragrances to sample! I had such a fun time picking out the 10 fragrances to choose from! They have nearly 50 scents to choose from so it was a very hard decision to make!  I really don't know of anywhere else where they have such a wide variety of fragrances!

I was so very impressed with the perfume right when I opened my little package. The scent of all the perfumes came pouring out and I was already in love with them! The scent of them all went really well together and it was so amazing the great smell from the package! I was even more impressed when I was able to use each fragrance by themselves!

I started out with the Warm Apple Pie first and it actually became my favorite scent of them all! It definitely smells exactly like what the name of it is! The scent lasted all day on my wrist and neck. I can't tell you how good it smells when you are running around doing errands all day or taking a walk at the park! I would keep having a breeze of the scent hit my nose and I was just in heaven! My second favorite scent was the Sweet Pea! I love Sweet Pea scents and this definitely smelled like a great Sweet Pea scent to me!

 Those are my favorite fragrances, but I will tell you that none of the scents disappointed me! The fragrances all smelled wonderful and were amazing! The scent was a strong smell of it's own, but it was not overpowering to the smell! It was just right! I love the fact that the scent lasted all day as well!


-  Create an account on the Sweets Perfume Website. It is FREE. The benefits of having an account are you can have account history, make a wishlist and with your first purchase you will receive 15% off of your order.

- Sign up for the Sweet Perfume newsletter. Sweets Perfume sends a newsletter filled with articles on Women's Life and Beauty as well as the newest products, the featured fragrances, and special discounts exclusively for our Newsletter Subscribers. Sign up when you create your account or simply login to your account to subscribe.

- Become a Facebook Fan of Sweets Perfume, Become a Facebook Fan of Sweetly You and Follow Sweetly You on Twitter! These accounts are updated with additional beauty tips, updates on their clearance section and they send out their best specials.

I definitely recommend Sweet Perfume to you! They have great prices, great products, and ship worldwide with low shipping costs!

Visit Sweet Perfume today to learn more about this amazing company! Mother's Day is right around the corner!  I think any mom would love Sweets Perfume!

I received products from Sweets Perfume in order to do a honest review. All opinions are soley my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this review. Many thanks to Sweets Perfume for letting me do a review on their great products!

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