Happy Birthday, Tavete

11:10 AM

This weeks Friday Flashback Photo is dedicated to Paul's brother! Visit Alicia at More Than Words to learn more about this fun post!

Happy Birthday to Paul's late brother, Tavete! Tavete would have been 32 years old!
Tavete passed away at the age of 25 due to a seizure in his sleep!
This is a great reason to cherish your loved ones every day! I can never express that enough to everyone! Never take things for granted and be thankful for the things you have in your life NOW!
I have seen the pain that Paul has gone through to lose family members and the daily thoughts he has of his family that have passed on!
I was lucky enough to know Tavete for almost a year. He was a great guy who did many good deeds for others! He was very giving and caring! I am thankful for the caring things he did for me and I'm thankful I was able to meet him!

We think of you often Tavete and love you! May you rest in peace!

Happy Birthday!

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