Monday, March 8, 2010

Stress Reducer Tips! #8

Today is Monday already! Wow! The weekend went by with a breeze! I am happy to give you 5 more stress reducer tips! Please give me your input and thoughts! I love hearing from YOU, my readers!

Stress Reducer Tips

1. Focus on understanding rather than on being understood; on loving rather than on being loved.

2. Do something that will improve your appearance. Looking better can help you feel better.

3. Schedule a realistic day. Avoid the tendency to schedule back-to-back appointments for a breathing spell.

4. Become more flexible. Some things are worth not doing perfectly and some issues are well to compromise upon.

5. Eliminate destructive self-talk; "I'm too old too.." "I'm not smart enough to..."

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Have a great stress-free week! :)

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Cheryl B said...

These are some good tips. I know #2 definitely helps me, especially if I do something like get a new haircut or highlights but even if I just take time with my makeup or spend the time using the flatiron on my hair and when I dress nicely.

#4 - I TOTALLY agree with this! Especially once I became a mom, I learned I realized I had to become more flexible to save myself from stressing out about every little thing that didn't get done or happen according to schedule. Before my daughter was born, I had been 100% against cosleeping and I knew I would wean her from the breast by 1 yr. But 6 weeks with no sleep and we were miserable, I started full-time cosleeping and suddenly functioned so much better because I was getting sleep again. I had planned to wean from the breast at 1, but at 12 months, my daughter would barely eat solids at all and 90% of her calorie intake came from breastmilk (she wouldn't then & still won't drink cow's milk), and I realized I would become an extended breastfeeder by necessity and all those plans of weaning by 1 went out the window. I'm still breastfeeding my 2 year old, and have really enjoyed breastfeeding my toddler, a joy I'd have known nothing about if I had been rigid and stuck to my earlier plans about weaning my daughter. One of the things I've been taught by motherhood is to become more flexible...but I would have saved myself a lot of stress & anxiety & sleepless nights if I had been willing to be more flexible years before I became a mom.

Jessica said...

These are all great tips, especially the negative talk one. That is so destructive.

2busy said...

I love these...

Ms Bibi said...

What a great list.I need to remember it trying to get through two weeks od spring break,lol.

ejrichter60 at gmail dot com said...

From the VERY first day of being a mom 29 years ago, I learned that being flexible is the key to sanity. You HAVE to put another person's life completely ahead of your own in order for this little one to that is easier now with having 6.
I think now the rest of the family needs to be more flexible with the PARENTS here! THEIR schedule runs OUR life and it it insane.

THe negativity pattern we sometimes create is so unhealthy. I am so guilt ridden most days when I am not able to do things with or FOR my kids, or take care of my home like I wished. It doesn't take an illness to do this to someone...we all attack our own goodness with negative thoughts. THAnks for reminding me how destructive this is.

Hmmmm...after always putting myself last, I think I WIlL do something to help with my appearance. I cant shop in stores right now, but I CAN go online and find something pretty and affordable or try and get a hair appointment. I will just have to say to my husband that NATALIE told me I HAD to!!! (haha)

Corrie Howe said...

All of these are excellent once again. Having a teenager helps one to learn the first point, and just being a parent helped me to learn the others....eventually.