Wonderful Awards!

5:58 PM

I have been blessed to be awarded with 3 more awards! I wanted to thank the 3 sweet bloggers for thinking about me and my blog! It is always a nice feeling when you know someone is thinking about your blog!

Thank you so much to:

(Katie's blog was formerly known as Think Pink! She switched to Wordpress and lost all of her followers so if you followed her before go and visit her! She'd love it!)

With the Beautiful Blogger Award, I'm suppose to share with you 7 things about myself:

  1. I've worked as a movie renter person at a grocery store when I was in high school! I enjoyed this job renting movies to people, blowing up many balloons, and taking people's film to turn it in to get developed for them.

 2. I have a phobia of bathtubs! Weird I know. I can't stand having baths for my skin to touch the bathtub and I like to wear sandals while having a shower!

 3. I play hide n' seek with my Lucky and Rocky! It's so cute when they try to find me! Rocky meows and likes me to yell so he can pin point where I am! They are good finders!

 4. My mom is one of my best friend's! We talk everyday!

 5. I'm not a fan of tuna fish or peanut butter sandwiches!

 6. I've been fishing on a float tube before!  Paul bought me a fishing float tube years ago so I could be his fishing partner! It's alot of work to use flippers to move around, but fun!

 7. In Elementary, I was in choir and was involved with the choir groups after school! I just wish that would have helped me with a good voice! It never did!

 If you want to learn 7 more things about me visit HERE

I have received these awards before and have passed them on so I'm not going to give them out again!

Thanks for stopping by and go visit the great blogs I listed above!

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