Beautiful Blogger Award

3:26 PM

      I'm very blessed to have received 3 awards this week for the Beautiful Blogger award! That really means alot to me for others to be thinking about me! It really has brightened up my week! Thank you to Jennifer at Blonde Ambition, Bibi at From Misery To Happiness in 365 days, and Dimes2Vines! Go visit these wonderful blogs! They are fun blogs to read! :)

With this award I'm suppose to share with you  7 Things About Me:

    1. My favorite color is purple! I love that their are so many shades of purple that are beautiful!

    2. I have 2 cats and a dog. They were all saved and I truly love them all! They are Rocky, Kitty, and Lucky!

    3. I visit my grandpa every week to take him a meal and to just sit, talk, and listen! I love it and I'm glad he's still around so I can do this! He's 81.

    4. I love accupuncture work and I believe fully in it! The lady I go to is the best!

    5. I love eating my hashbrowns, fried potatoes, and other potatoes with ketchup. I don't think they taste as great without! The only other potatoes I don't do this with are baked potatoes, scalloped potatoes, and augratin potatoes!

    6. I loved playing basketball when growing up! I was outside everyday shooting hoops by myself! It was something to do and fun for me!

    7. I grew up with 2 older brothers and I always wished I had a sister!

Now I'd like to pass this great award onto 7 bloggers I recently discovered and think they're great:

   4. Shelley's Swag
   5. Shawn Ann's World
   6. My Pet Savings
   7. Momma In Flip Flops 2

   Go visit these wonderful blogs that I have discovered! Congrats on your awards!

   Thank you for my awards!


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