Friend Makin' Monday! #2

10:50 AM

 Visit Amber's Blog to join in on the fun of Friend Makin' Monday! Link up your post on her blog!This week it's all about the Superbowl!

Did you watch the Super bowl? I watched a minute or two of it.

If so, who were you rooting for?

I wasn't rooting for anyone. My husband was going for the Colt's.

If not, what did you do instead?

I was catching up on sleep and quilting blocks.

Where did you watch it/not watch it?

I was at my home.

What did you eat?

I had some yummy banana chocolate cake and spaghetti.

Favorite superbowl commercial?

I saw the commercial with Leno, Letterman, and Oprah later and thought that was a good one!

Least favorite?

Most the ones I saw during the game weren't good ones. They were ones that were usual commercials. I must have missed the good ones!!

What did you think of the half time show?  I didn't see it! It sounds like it could have been better from what I've read!

Who do you wish would have been the halftime show?  Anyone that can do a good show and get everyone's attention!

Happy Friend Makin' Monday!

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