Monday, February 15, 2010

Share A Profile - Feed A Pet!

I'm so happy that She Scribes posted about a way to help donate money for pet food to food banks around the US. I had never heard about this so I'm glad to help! I have a passion for helping animals and when I am unable to donate myself...I'm glad to be able to help out  in another way that's so easy by finding a profile of a furry animal and posting it on Facebook!

I love donating to the Utah Humane Society, but with unemployment with us I haven't been able to donate so I have felt bad. I look forward to the day I can donate again!!

Go to and fill in information to find an animal near you. Click where it says to share it on Facebook and by doing that you have donated $1  worth of pet food to food banks across the country, up to $50,000 worth. You can also post a special message with it and you can encourage your friend's to help donate!

Purina is the awesome company donating the money! I think that's so awesome they are helping! You can also post many animals up with no limit!

You'll feel good by doing this because you will be helping donate pet food to food banks while helping out an innocent animal in need!

The little guy pictured above is named Cooper. He is a Cairn Terrier. He is a mill refuge. He is 10 months old and purebred. To learn more about him visit HERE

Martha Stewart is very proud to support the Purina ONE Tour for Heroes (February 3-26, 2010). Purina ONE Pet Food will be traveling across the country in a specially equipped vehicle, making stops at local animal shelters to help pets in need with temporary food banks and adoption events. To learn more about the Tour of Heroes and to see if they will be in an location near you please visit

Please go help make a difference! The animals will truly be thankful and blessed with your help!


MusicalThought said...

Thanks so much for the information!! I will go and click right now!!

Wanda said...

I agree that Purina is truly being a Pet Angel by making this pledge. I started sharing pets last night. In my area (a suburb of LA) there are 25 pages of homeless dogs on the participation web site! I posted a full page last night (about 20 or 25 animals, I think) and, unless someone stops me, I plan to post until all those animals are shared. It's a small thing each of us can do at no out-of-pocket expense, and I know we can get to the $50,000 quickly. THANK YOU, PURINA, AND YOU, NATALIE, AND KIMBERLY @She_Scribes for publicizing this very worthwhile endeavor. GO PETS!

Ms Bibi said...

Great cause for sure. I like to support food banks and animal shelters. It's been hard to do that with hubs losing his job, but we are on a way up so I can't wait to get involved again.

Nichol said...

What a great cause! That puppy is too cute :)