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5:39 PM

Self Magazine is a great way to start your year off right! I have had a great experience subscribing to Self for a few years now. I always look forward to the articles. I especially like the cards they have in it that show some nice exercise moves that you can save to refer back to! I have saved my cards and hope to use at a later time!

Self is devoted to helping you be at your BEST. . . inside and out. . . by showing you how to be more fit, healthier, and happier.

Some of the sections they have in their magazines are:



Personal Style



Today you can save 72% off the cover price! That is like getting 8 issues for free! That sounds like a wonderful deal to me! Plus you'll get an exclusive free tote bag with your paid subscription!

Get 12 issues for $10.

Sign up today HERE

They also have a deal that you can buy a 12 year subscription of Glamour and Self for $16. That is a great deal to get 2 different subscriptions for that price. Check that deal out HERE.

Check out their website here! They have such great stuff to read on their site!

Here are a few articles you might like from their site:

I did not receive anything to write this post. I already subscribe to SELF and enjoy the magazine so I wanted my readers to know about it! I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this review. All opinions are solely mine. Others may have different opinions! Thanks for reading!

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