Monday, February 8, 2010

5 Stress Reducers of the Week! #4

Hello everyone! It's week 4 of me writing 5 stress reducers every week! I hope some of you have been enjoying me writing some stress reducers! They are fun for me to be reminded about! I know we can all be reminded about these!

Have a great week!

1.  Ask Questions. Taking a few moments to repeat back directions, what someone expects of you, etc. can save hours. (The old "the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get" idea.)

2. Say "NO!" Saying no to extra projects, social activities and invitations you know you don't have the time or energy for takes practice, self-respect, and a belief that everyone, everyday needs quiet time to relax and be a lone.

3. Unplug your phone. Want to take a long bath, meditate, sleep, or read without interruption? Drum up the courage to temporarily disconnect. ( The possibility of there being a terrible emergency in the next hour or so is almost nil.) Or use an answering machine.

4. Turn "needs" into preferences. Our basic physical needs translate into food, water, and keeping warm. Everything else is a preference. Don't get attached to preferences.

5. Simplify, simplify, simplify.....

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Corrie Howe said...

I learned in while in high school from a mentor that I don't have to answer the phone. It took my kids a long time to learn the lesson too. I figure if it is important they'll leave a message and/or call back.

Over the last two years I've learned to say "no" not only to others, but to myself as well. It's been liberating!

Post Grad said...

I really gotta work on numbers 2 & 3. Great tips. Thanks and keep 'em coming.

Jennifer said...

Hey Natalie, I left you an award on my blog :-)

The warrior in me said...

I'm learning to say "NO"- have to let you know- i'm TOTALLY loving it! Never felt better!

You're so right about the "preference" thing- that was learning bliss.