Thursday, February 11, 2010

Unemployment Hit Us!

I wanted to write this today to at least relate to someone! Paul has been out of his job for a year now. Wow! I can't believe it's been a year! He can't believe that either!

Paul had worked at his job for 8 years. He was a supervisor at DHL. (the delivering service) He never thought he would have to be worrying about his job.... if he'd have one or not!

We were planning to get married in November 2008 and we still thought his job was secure. We even went and bought a house in September before we got married thinking his job was secure.

We got married in November 2008 and right after that he found out he may be losing his job. They were cutting down so much because the company was just going to ship worldwide and not within this country.

He was laid off  February of 2009!

I must say that last year was a real struggle for us. It's not the kind of year I would have liked to have with our first year of marriage, but we got by! This little bump in the road has made us stronger and will continue to keep us stronger! There is a reason for his unemployment and I believe it's to find bigger and better opportunities out there! Paul will find them!

I have seen a handful of bloggers write about their unemployment in their family and I have been thankful for them to post it so I coud feel as if I were not alone! I know we all know at least one person in our life who have been affected by this bad economy!

I just pray for us to understand each other and not judge someone because they haven't been able to find a job! Paul has companies tell him that finding a job is like the lottery. Businesses have so many applications that it's wonderful for them to pick out of so many! To me finding a job would be like winning the lottery!

Thanks for reading and blessings sent your way!

Do you know someone who lost their job? Please share!


Mindy said...

Unemployment is so frustrating. My BIL graduated from college over a year ago and has struggled to find work. He applied for a dishwashing job and the employer posted on Craigslist that they received an overwhelming 150 applications! Many of the people I know have freezes on increases and employers telling them they are lucky to find jobs. I wrote an article on services to donate to last year and was told that they are seeing many more people receiving assistance as a last resort who have never needed it before. You are not alone. My sister is going through this as well and at one time both she and her husband were out of work. Many people who are willing and able to work are struggling right now. I know this is a difficult time, but you have an awesome attitude.

Glenda Lynn said...

I too have been affected by the change in the economy. I took an extended medical leave of absence and when I was ready to return last September no job was available after 10 years of service for the company I worked for. I have been the breadwinner persay in our house for many years so the income reduction has been extremely difficult.

I have found comfort in learning to coupon and self gratification knowing that I am actually contributing to the bottom line every time I FIND a GREAT DEAL! Life is too short to be upset about this small set back which has truly made our family realize how good we had it!

Jessica said...

My husband just got back to work last week after being laid off for a few months. I am a Stay at home mom so his income is all we have to live off of. I know he was worried because of this and also we just had twins a few months before so it was even more worrying. Luckily, he got back to work but even now he doesn't know if it is permanent. It is hard not knowing what is going to happen...

Cheryl B said...

I am in this situation right now. My husband lost his job right around Halloween. He worked for a startup company & their investors lost money in the bad economy & didn't reinvest. He has been submitting application after application and nothing. He has a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and got his doctorate under a Nobel Prize winning professor (Rick Smalley), but it seems to make little difference. In this job market, he is considered either over-qualified or underqualified (experience in given field).

My education too has been a hindrance. I have been a SAHM since Tessa was born. I have a Master's Degree in Cell & Molecular Biology, but it's been years since I've been in the lab (since 2004) and I am rusty on all the techniques. I have tried getting part-time jobs to help with money but I am considered too educated to work in most retail stores & the computer screening questions boot me out at the get-go because I have an education.

I hate this economy. I hate unemployment. My husband has not had one single call back or interview despite submitting upwards of 60 applications. All he has gotten are some rejections. I hope he finds something soon or we will have to move in with my inlaws. I'm worried about the mortgage on the house, buying food, buying diapers. I already have issues with depression, anxiety & panic disorder & this isn't helping me at all.

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh...SO MANY PEOPLE I know cannot find work. And it's not that they are unqualified. There is just nothing out there. My mom has been laid off for almost a year, and it's very discouraging at times. Just keep praying, and don't lose hope!!

Felissa Hadas said...

I am so sorry to read this Post. I wish there was a job I had that I could give to your husb
and I am sure that the first year of marriage in this situation was very difficult. If I can help you in anyway please let me know.


Help! Mama Remote... said...

I won't judge. I'll be praying for you and your family.

grossman_stacy said...

I am in the same situation. Right before our wedding, I was laid off and right after, my husband was. I agree that this issue in the first year of marriage has really made us stronger. Good luck to all who are searching. You can make it!