Unemployment Hit Us!

4:58 PM

I wanted to write this today to at least relate to someone! Paul has been out of his job for a year now. Wow! I can't believe it's been a year! He can't believe that either!

Paul had worked at his job for 8 years. He was a supervisor at DHL. (the delivering service) He never thought he would have to be worrying about his job.... if he'd have one or not!

We were planning to get married in November 2008 and we still thought his job was secure. We even went and bought a house in September before we got married thinking his job was secure.

We got married in November 2008 and right after that he found out he may be losing his job. They were cutting down so much because the company was just going to ship worldwide and not within this country.

He was laid off  February of 2009!

I must say that last year was a real struggle for us. It's not the kind of year I would have liked to have with our first year of marriage, but we got by! This little bump in the road has made us stronger and will continue to keep us stronger! There is a reason for his unemployment and I believe it's to find bigger and better opportunities out there! Paul will find them!

I have seen a handful of bloggers write about their unemployment in their family and I have been thankful for them to post it so I coud feel as if I were not alone! I know we all know at least one person in our life who have been affected by this bad economy!

I just pray for us to understand each other and not judge someone because they haven't been able to find a job! Paul has companies tell him that finding a job is like the lottery. Businesses have so many applications that it's wonderful for them to pick out of so many! To me finding a job would be like winning the lottery!

Thanks for reading and blessings sent your way!

Do you know someone who lost their job? Please share!

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