Friday, April 16, 2010

The 3-Day Cleanse Book Winners

      The 3-Day Cleanse Book Giveaway came to an end last night! Thank you to the many of you who entered this book giveaway and for those who tweeted many times! A special thank you goes to Hatchette Book Group for sponsoring this giveaway!
 chose the winners! The winners are: 64, 109, 38, 70, and 225.

      #64 Valerie

       #109  Julee

       #38 Make It Happen Mama

       #70 ejrichter6 at gmail dot com

        #225  Charlene

       Congrats to the many winners! Please respond within 48 hrs. to claim your prizes!

       I will be having another cleanse book giveaway coming up soon so if you didn't win this time then make sure you keep an eye out for my next cleanse book giveaway! Thanks!



Charlene said...

I messaged you back through facebook. I'm so excited that I won!


ejrichter60 at gmail dot com said...

THANKS Natalie! I am hoping it helps with some health issues and am so excited to see what it is all about!

congrats to other winners!!


Make It Happen Mama said...

Awesome e-mail to get on a Friday morning - I totally did a happy dance! Can't wait to read the book and try the cleanse. Thanks, Natalie!