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     Have you ever thought about what ingredients are put into hair care products that you put on your hair daily? I will admit that I have never thought about the ingredients that go into hair care products! After reviewing Head Organics and learning about their products, it has really opened up my eyes to this subject! Head Organics have products that are great for your hair, and products that are great for our planet!

(from their website)

     "So how do you create the first natural colored, pH-balanced shampoo? Simple – you take two very creative L.A. hairstylists (who were tired of inferior shampoo products which did hair more harm than good) and watch them whip up the first acid-balanced, alcohol free shampoo right there in the garage. Glamorous? No. Successful? You bet. Their clients fell in love with this shampoo – and with a healthy, happy and pH-balanced head of hair who wouldn’t?

     So what to do next? Take it to the world, of course. They packaged their shampoo in simple, beige containers and sold it at head and paraphernalia shops. People couldn’t get enough of it (remember the “healthy, happy pH-balanced head of hair stuff?). From the garage to the head shop – this is how Head Shampoo was born.

     Becoming one of the all-time leaders in the natural product industry was nice – and having Head Shampoo take the market by storm and become the favorite of health-conscious and earth-loving Californians wasn’t bad either – but Head Shampoo didn’t stop there. Today, Head Organics continues providing natural, high performance and quality products at reasonable prices that consumers can trust."

     2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner- ($16.50) Head Organics gets it together - in a terrific one-step shampoo and conditioner - for natural, gentle cleansing and weightless, residue-free hydration. This conditioning shampoo ‘twofer’ delivers the benefits of two great products rolled into one. By blending cranberry fruit and rosemary leaf extracts with jojoba seed oil for added moisture, 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo combines a mild shampoo and conditioner designed to cleanse, nourish and fortify hair from root to tip. This 2-in-1 duo also contains the Head Organics special blend of certified organic ingredients: pomegranate, ginger root and aloe vera that work to promote hair that’s soft, strong and noticeably more manageable.

     Clearly Head Conditioner- ($13.50) An emollient rich conditioner designed to moisturize, detangle and prepare hair for styling. Clearly Head Conditioner features hydrolyzed soy protein and Vitamin E, which act as mending humectants for the hair shaft - leaving it strong, shiny and more manageable. Fortified with Pro-Vitamin B5, aloe and soy proteins, this gentle, but powerful conditioner strengthens and hydrates all types of hair and contains certified organic active extracts of green and white tea leaf, pomegranate fruit, ginger root and aloe vera.

     Extra Hold Hair Spray- ($13.50) This mega hold hair spray is like the perfect guy – strong where it should be and gentle where it needs to be. Extra Hold Hair Spray provides maximum, all-day hold, minus the sticky, stiffness that can come from hairsprays. Hair is left touchably soft, manageable and beautifully styled. This non-aerosol spray is light as air and features a nourishing blend of jasmine flower extract and jojoba seed oil along with witch hazel for a clean, clear residue-free application. Extra Hold Spray is gentle enough for daily use on all hair types, including chemically treated and colored hair.

     Leave-In Conditioning Spray- ($13.50) This weightless, nourishing, detangler serves as a treatment and protector by bathing hair in lightweight moisture, while calming static, smoothing flyaways and treating stubborn and damaged ends. Infused with Hydrolyzed Soy Protein and Plant-based Glycerin, Leave-In Conditioning Spray also acts as a superb styler for touch ups, leaving hair smooth, healthy and residue free. Gentle enough for daily use and great for all hair types.

       Shine/ Anti-Frizz Serum- ($14.50) Head Organics Natural Hair Serum helps add discipline to any ‘do. Its natural, silicone-based formula is light, clean, non-greasy, and works double-time to smooth, tame and control rebellious locks. It also works to foil frizz and induce shine. Beauty and nature are balanced with a careful blend of certified organic ingredients including: green and white tea leaf, pomegranate fruit, ginger root and aloe vera, making Head Organics Natural Hair Serum gentle enough to cocktail with other stylers for daily use on all types of hair.

      Styling Wax-  ($13.50) It’s nature to the rescue with this ultimate tool for hairstyling cool. Natural Styling Wax delivers endless style versatility to hold, mold, refine and define all types of hair into all types of styles. Whether slicked back, spiked up, roughed up or fluffed up, this light, water-soluble pomade textured wax tests the limits of style creativity as it works to discipline spikes and swirl curls. The Head Organics blend of certified organic ingredients, including: green and white tea leaf and pomegranate fruit extracts, along with ginger root and aloe vera extracts, create a nutrient-rich formula that’s gentle enough for daily use and keeps style fresh and beautiful all day long.

     Exta Hold Hair Gel- ($13.50) Head Organics brings highly-styled, over-the-top hair down to earth with Extra Hold Hair Gel. It’s ideal for styles ranging from soft set curls to wet spiked looks. The natural, gentle formula features moisture rich jojoba seed oil and jasmine flower extract to add shine and prevent stiffness and styler build-up. Hair is left naturally glammed – with shape, hold and siren-inspired texture. Extra Hold Hair Gel also provides protection from thermal styling and is gentle enough for daily use on all hair types.

     I was very happy when Head Organics let me review their amazing organic line of hair products! I was really anticipating using these products out on my hair! I will admit that I have never thought about using organic products until I started reviewing organic products. Everytime I review organic products it really opens up my eyes and makes me love the products even more! I have really grown to love and appreciate organic products!

     All of the Head Organic products that I tried out had wonderful scents to them. They were such natural scents that were light in smell! Washing my hair in the shower with the shampoo and conditioners was amazing! The aroma was heavenly and it made me want to keep on washing my hair!

     I loved the hairspray so much! I have never used a hairspray before that had such a natural smell to it! It also worked so well on my hair to keep it in place from flying away! I really did love this hairspray!

     The Anti-Frizz Serum did do it's job..... effectively! I put it in my hair while my hair was wet and I also tried it when my hair was dry! Both times it worked wonderfully to help keep my frizz down! I have many so it's always nice when I find a product that can help me with this issue! The serum comes with a pump bottle so all you need is 2 or 3 squirts of the serum! Just a little bit of this serum will go a long way!

     Paul really enjoyed the extra hold hair gel! Paul usually has his hair shorter so he doesn't use anything on his hair. His hair has grown out a bit that he could use gel. At first he didn't think he needed gel on his hair, but he put the Head Organics Extra Hold Hair Gel on his hair. Afterwards, he admitted that his hair looked alot better with using this gel! It helped his hair have a better look to it and it worked great!

     These were just a few of our favorites from the products that were sent to us. I can tell you that all the products worked effectively and I was very impressed with them all! I think you will be too!

I recommend Head Organics to you!

     BUY IT! Visit Head Organics to see where you can purchase these wonderful products!

     I received products to review from Head Organics. All opinions are solely my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this review. Many thanks to Head Organics for letting me review their wonderful products!

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