A Surprise In My Garage

2:24 PM

I had a surprise yesterday when I opened my garage door! To my surprise I saw a beautiful blue-eyed cat laying in my garage! I was in total shock and ran to get the cat some food. We hadn't been in our garage for days so I honestly didn't know how long this cat had been in there for.

We have many stray cats that visit our house on a daily basis. I really thought this was a stray cat at first, but when I found out how friendly the cat was I thought otherwise. She purred and kept rubbing against me and even loved being held. The cat would not leave our garage for many hours. She finally did leave, but that night since I left the back garage door opened she was back in the garage. It has been snowing here for the last 2 days and it's been cold so I decided to shut him in the garage last night so he wouldn't feel a breeze from the coldness outside. He did visit our basement for a little while last night, but Rocky was not fond of our new friend so we let her back outside which she didn't seem to mind.

I really wish the cat had a collar on or something. I've seen it outside before so I don't know if it does live nearby or what. I've checked local sites to see if anyone has posted this cat and no luck on anything there!

It was a surprising, eventful day yesterday with this beautiful cat that I just had to share with you!

Last I checked, the cat was in the garage and I left the door open!

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