Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy April!

    Happy Belated Easter everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed your weekend with your family and had some memories made this weekend!

    I know I had a great weekend. It was just a quiet weekend for me! Easter seems like it's more exciting when you have kid's!

    We did wake up to snow on Easter! I don't think I remember ever receiving snow on Easter! We didn't get much snow this winter so I think it's finally coming now trying to make up for it! We have received alot of snow this last week for it being April! These pictures were taken from April 1st.

I can't wait for Spring to finally be here in Utah! It'll be so nice!

How was your weekend?

Have a great week! :)


blueviolet said...

OH MY GOSH! No way!!!! I can't believe that was a few days ago.

sweetpea08 said...

I'm hoping the snow goes away soon! Can you believe it's supposed to snow again tonight? Hope we finally get spring here soon...and hopefully it will stay this time!

Jami Balmet said...

Wow! That is a ton of snow! And on Easter? haha. We had an Earthquake on Easter!

And yeah I think Easter is much more exciting when you have kids. We didn't do very much just the two of us..haha.

Have a great rest of the week! I'm glad to hear your Easter was relaxing :D

Nichol said...

ewww snow pics. We are waiting for a final snow fall here as it always happens. It's been 70's here for the past week almost.

Alicia said...

Seriously? You still have snow??? Wow!!!!!

I'm sure you are ready for some sun!

Jennifer said...

Wow, you got a nice amount of snow for Easter! Hope it was a great day for you :-)

Shelly said...

wow know how I feel about snow. We got hit with 2 powerful blizzards in one week back in Feb...sick of snow. Sorry you got snow on Easter. Our temps here in PA for over a week now have been in the 70s and 80s with a high of 85 expected today...loving this weather finally.


Gina F said...

Snow on Easter WOW! I know you are ready for spring like weather now. We had a great Easter day. The kids hunt for Easter eggs. We baked desserts and boiled crawfish. We ate and ate and ate Chocolate Candies, Cookies, Brownies, Cakes and Homemade Fudge while we visit with our family and friends. We also watch movies over the weekend. HAVE A NICE SOON SPRING DAY!!!


ejrichter60 at gmail dot com said...

I somehow missed this post! WOW...what a peaceful picture! We have has such warm weather, but I guess it hailed in our town while we were visiting my sister only 20 minutes away on Easter. I actually got to felt so good, but stayed up baking too late and was bushed by afternoon. Too much too eat and a carb coma followed! That's how it is for Thanksgiving AND Easter for us. I'd be happy with Easter eggs everyday instead. I love them! This and last year are the only ones in 49 years I have not helped with coloring is still fun even though I am older than dirt!
My 10 year old announced on Monday that she knew about E. Bunny and the rest of the "magic" gang. Sigh...she is my youngest and hard to see them grow up and out of the fun traditions. Good thing we have grandkids (and unbeknownst to my kids...praying hard for many more in the future!)